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Springfield Scheduled Mobile Document Shredding

With our regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service, we design a customized security program to ensure that your confidential documents are continually serviced. PROSHRED Springfield doesn't bind clients to contracts; rather, we deliver a dependable service tailored to meet the level of security and accountability that’s required for each job.

PROSHRED Springfield Security Audit Boosts Efficiency

Once PROSHRED Springfield comes to your location to do a security audit we can determine how many executive consoles your office needs. This is usually determined by the density of the physical space, the amount of employees working in the surrounding area, as well as estimating the amount of confidential and regular documents your office needs to throw away or destroy.

Developing A Destruction Plan That Works For Your Business

Whether you have one employee or thousands, we develop a plan for document shredding service on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule that best meets your needs. Once your program is established, our staff and internal software systems ensure a timely and consistent on-site shredding service.

Local Ownership And Compliancy

Since PROSHRED® Springfield is locally managed but nationally operated behind a corporate brand, we take the extra step to make sure our process is compliant with ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR and NAID AAA standards as well as making sure our mobile document shredding process is as pain-free as possible to all of our clients.

An ongoing, regularly scheduled shredding program can be extremely beneficial for your Springfield business. Most organizations circulate and store a vast volume of critical files on a day-to-day basis that needs to be adequately protected. If your documents have reached the end of their lifecycle and are quickly piling up, causing unnecessary clutter, this long-term solution is an easy fix!

Establishing a regularly scheduled document shredding program, will ultimately minimize business risk, and contribute to your overall compliance and operational costs.

Why Choose Regularly Scheduled Document Shredding?

Current Laws and Regulations

Legally, Springfield organizations must dispose of confidential information under specific regulations. Consider the data you collect on your employees, customers, business associates and local competition. Now take into consideration your marketing and business plans; all of this content must remain secure even after it’s no longer stored.

With regularly scheduled document shredding, you will be assured that all records containing sensitive matters will never risk being stolen, or misused. A regularly scheduled shred service provided by PROSHRED® Springfield will contribute greatly to compliance with privacy laws.

Prevent Data Breach

Failing to properly manage sensitive material can lead to lost productivity, hefty costs to your business including breach liability expenses, and lastly, damage to your reputation as a trusted company in Springfield. As such, choosing to implement a regular shredding solution will help enforce proper and legal disposal of sensitive information, ensuring you’re properly securing the privacy of all shareholders.

Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Regular shredding is a simple way to keep private, personal information from becoming unknowingly exposed.  Information that winds up in your trash or recycling bin is at that point considered public, which can lead to alarming consequences if discovered by the wrong person.   Keep your business, employees, and customers secure with regular document shredding.

Stop Corporate Espionage

Competitors, if given the opportunity, will not hesitate to get their hands on valuable trade secrets, moving sales projections, recent consumer researches and future business plans. Implementing a regularly scheduled document shredding program, keeps documents secure in the possession of that particular company until disposal.

Gain Office Space Back

Most organizations have endless cabinets of paperwork that become irrelevant after a certain period of time; it can be difficult and overwhelming to deal with a build-up of documents, but with ongoing shredding solutions, you don’t have to worry about this issue as it’ll be necessary to clear out old documents for shredding.

Cost –Effective Solution

While we will always work with our customers to design a shredding program suitable to specific budgets, our long-term regularly scheduled shred option, will provide you with a more cost-effective solution. In general, this solution will be a greater financial investment for your Springfield organization.

Boost Your Green Initiatives

Aside from simply protecting privacy and the risks associated with identity theft, document shredding also benefits the environment. All shredded paper is collected and sent for recycling after destruction.

Why PROSHRED® Springfield for Your Ongoing Shredding Needs

PROSHRED® Springfield has the extensive experience and professionalism needed to provide industry leading service to our Springfield customers.  Allow our team to work with you in customizing an on-going shredding program for your needs.

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