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Quality Control Procedures

At PROSCAN®, customer service and quality control are our top priorities. Our superior service and processes are what set us apart from the rest. We pride ourselves on conducting strict quality control at each stage in the scanning and management process. The following outlines some of the many quality assurance procedures employed by PROSCAN® to ensure a superior final product:


  • Organize files to optimize scanning
  • Look for/move sticky notes that are covering any information
  • Properly stack pages to ensure proper scanning and reduce chance for double-feed
  • Look for any issues with the originals
    • Fix any issues that can be fixed
    • Adjust settings to optimize scans
    • Notify manager or customer of any issues with the originals that may affect scan quality



  • Our machines contain multiple rollers and sensors to ensure optimized scanning, including:
    • Proper page feeding
    • Automatic page size detection
    • Multi-feed detection
    • Perfect Page Technology


  • All scanning is completed manually by a PROSCAN® technician
    • Technicians preview all scans as they feed through the scanner
    • Technicians are trained to oversee scanning process and detect/correct any scanner issues


  • After scanning, files are processed via advanced document management software.
    • This software corrects image irregularities and performs some of the following manipulations to ensure quality electronic files:
      • Page rotation
      • Blank page detection
      • De-skew
      • OCR
      • And others…


After images are processed, PROSCAN® technicians manually inspect and index all files.

During the indexing process, technicians are trained to:

  • Look for, and note, any and all image irregularities and discrepancies
  • Correct anything missed by processing

Notations are made for:

  • Missed multi-feeds
  • Folded pages
  • Bad quality scans
  • Files incorrectly separated or combined
  • Any questionable data
  • Etc…

Final QC:

  • Any images/files with notations or questions are pulled from their original boxes and examined.
  • Files are rescanned, separated, combined, or adjusted as necessary.

Additional Considerations:

The entire process is documented.

We record:

  • What technician prepped the files, and when
  • What technician scanned the files, and when
  • What technician indexed the files, and when
  • What technician performed the final quality control, and when
  • Raw, unprocessed files are kept in a separate archive for backup and review.

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