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Charlotte Home Office Shredding Services

Corporate traveling, flex hours and working from home are becoming a norm in many workplaces in Charlotte, meaning private documents are more likely to leave the office, putting them at a higher risk of confidentiality breaches. Nowadays, privacy legislation go well beyond the traditional office setting, forcing businesses to establish security procedures for safeguarding confidential information as it travels in and out of the office.

PROSHRED® Charlotte deploys integrated shredding services for home offices to assist in meeting legislative requirements. This shredding system works in congruence with the company’s office shredding service. Part of this service is providing staff with necessary tools, and knowledge, so they can confidently and securely handle private information and documents outside the office. PROSHRED® Charlotte offers the most comprehensive shredding program available.

This goes beyond at-home employees from large Charlotte organizations. Entrepreneurs and small-business owners need proper document disposal as well. We can provide the assurance needed in securely destroying your confidential materials.

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As we all know, home office shredders are expensive, inconvenient, and unreliable. These machines also generally use the sub-par strip-shredding method, as opposed to the much more effective cross-shredding technique. This is a large security compromise. Additionally, with at home shredders, you have to handle and decide the disposal method post-shred. At PROSHRED® Charlotte, we not only dispose of your newly shredded material for you, we do so by recycling to ensure the best eco-friendly experience possible.

PROSHRED®’s home document shredding service is a secure and environmentally friendly system that provides home-based businesses a convenient and cost-effective solution for document disposal. With PROSHRED® Charlotte you also get plenty of options! Home offices can use our on-site document destruction service, drop off at the nearest local PROSHRED® office, or participate in our community shredding programs that are designed to assist in protecting residential customers against crimes like identity theft.

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Cross Shredding vs Strip Shredding

Home office shredders are pricey, unreliable, and can be distracting. Also, most home office shredders use the less secure method of strip-shredding. In comparison to industrial cross-shredding, strip shredding can compromise the security of your records. As a result, you may need the added step of having shredded content recycled.

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Yes, you can leave staples in your documents before shredding. After your documents are from your home office and destroyed, the recycling plant ensures all metal is separated from the paper before it is made into new paper products.

Yes, we come to you! Our PROSHRED® certified shredding technicians come to your home for a convenient and efficient solution to your shredding needs.

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