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Charlotte Business Shredding Services

Today, privacy legislation affect all businesses, small or large. They must take proper measures, in concordance with these legislations, to protect against unauthorized access to confidential and personal information. Expert business shredding of sensitive documents can solve this problem.

Charlotte Medical Record Shredding & Destruction Services

Most healthcare and medical professionals understand the importance of properly destroying medical records in order to protect the privacy of patients. Doctors and healthcare practitioners are entrusted with an individual's most sensitive and private information, which must be handled with the utmost, confidential care. While medical records are being shredded, it is vital that the record destruction process also is managed with care and professionalism.

medical shredding
financial shredding

Charlotte Financial Record Shredding Services

Financial companies possess some of the most valuable information about individuals and organizations. Your business probably prints and discards hundreds of pages per month of your own financial information. Information that is important for you to protect. It is imperative that these confidential records are securely and properly destroyed when the time comes for disposal.

Charlotte Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction Services

PROSHRED® Charlotte specialized legal document destruction regimen includes pickup of legal records from your Atlanta-area office by one of our secure shredding truck. Once retrieved, your documents will be shredded right at your facility under your supervision – and our trucks even come equipped with security cameras, too.

on-going legal shredidng

Charlotte Home Office Shredding Services

Corporate traveling, flex hours and working from home are becoming a norm in many workplaces, meaning private documents are more likely to leave the office, putting them at a higher risk of confidentiality breaches. Nowadays, privacy legislation go well beyond the traditional office setting, forcing businesses to establish security procedures for safeguarding confidential information as it travels in and out of the office.

Charlotte Residential Shredding Services

We all know about the rise of identity theft in America, some too well. A good way to greatly reduce this risk is with proper disposal of personal and home office confidential material. PROSHRED® Charlotte has developed a full-proof and convenient residential document shredding service that does just that, eliminates excess risks.

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