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January 16, 2018

Paper Shredding: The Benefits for Your Business

Paper Shredding Services in Charlotte, NC

Do you have a myriad of concerns as the owner or manager of business enterprise? One issue that many business owners have is grappling with is the proper disposal of documents. As a business owner you may be giving consideration to engaging a professional paper shredding service. There are some significant benefits associated with retaining the assistance of a professional document disposal service to manage paper shredding and other secure practices.

Professional Paper Shredding is a Cost-effective Alternative

At first review, you may assume that professional paper shredding is costly. You may have avoided engaging the services of a professional shredding service because you reasoned that taking that course would prove to be far more expensive than addressing document shredding in-house.

In fact, what many businesses, professionals, and organizations are learning is that engaging a professional document shredding service can prove to be the most cost-effective course you can take! You can actually save money by engaging the services of a document shredding service.

The costs associated of doing an internal paper shredding program, without professional assistance, include purchasing shredding equipment and dedicated valuable time to the endeavor. You must also take into account that a personal paper shredder can only handle a couple of sheets of paper at a time. Shredding equipment is notorious for breaking down and requiring significant maintenance. This type of equipment, when used regularly as it should be, must be replaced with surprising regularity.

Protect the Reputation of Your Business via Professional Paper Shredding

Depending on the nature of your business, you may maintain documents that are associated with your clients or customers. Indeed, a significant number of businesses maintain documentation that contains personal and confidential information. In most cases, a business does not need to maintain records for more than 7 years. Even medical practices and law firms have the lawful ability to destroy certain types of records at certain junctures.

Hardly a week goes by in which there isn’t some sort of media report about financial or personal information ending up in the wrong hands. One avenue through which this can happen is via improperly disposed of documents.

With the assistance of a professional document shredding service such as PROSHRED® Charlotte, you can be assured that vital documents associated with your enterprise, including with your customers or clients, are appropriately shredded and disposed of. By going the professional shredding route, you work to ensure that the reputation of your business will not soiled by customer or client information being inappropriately disseminated.

Professional Paper Shredding is a Green Alternative

If your business is like a growing number of other enterprises, you are interested in implementing green or environmentally sound practices. This includes utilizing green practices when it comes to dealing with disposing of items and materials you no longer need, including paper and documents of different types.

Utilizing a professional paper shredding service is a bona fide green alternative. A professional shredding service understands how the process needs to be undertaken in order to ensure that the used paper can be submitted for recycling.

If your business is located in or around Charlotte, the first step in engaging a document disposal is to schedule a consultation with PROSHRED® Charlotte. There is no charge for an initial consultation. PROSHRED® Charlotte is dedicated to best practices for keeping your information secure with offsite and onsite shredding. Review our full list of services to see how we can help you today or call our Charlotte location (704) 533-9555 to create a customized plan today.




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