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November 21, 2016

Protect Your Charlotte Business With Secure Shredding

Identity theft has become a major concern for Charlotte businesses, and an office security breach is no laughing matter. According to a 2016 report from the Identity Theft Research Center, more than 470 office security breaches have been reported between January 1st and June 14th, affecting the sensitive private records of over 12 million people in the United States alone. Once an identity thief has access to someone’s private information, they will be able to open credit card accounts, buy a car or home using their name or even drain the victim’s checking and savings accounts of every cent they have.

What Is an Office Security Breach?

An office security breach is when someone illegally gains access to a corporate database or computer network, usually to steal usernames and passwords, personal data on customers, employees and/or business contacts or other highly sensitive information. As an example, the social networking site LinkedIn became the victim of a security breach that affected 6.46 million users.

How Can I Protect My Charlotte Business?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take as a business owner to protect yourself, employees and business contacts from identity theft. Shred any documents you no longer need that contain sensitive information. Charlotte is a leading provider of secure on-site shredding for sensitive documents. Our secure shredding services make it more difficult for identity thieves to obtain confidential data.

PROSHRED® Charlotte Follows These Steps To Ensure Business Security:

Secured Containers – PROSHRED® Charlotte provides secured containers with no extra charge for your business. Neither malicious employees nor corporate spies will be able to get their hands on your discarded documents.

One-Time Purging – Whether moving offices or just in need of a cleanout, our one-time secure on-site shredding helps you securely purge unwanted documents.

Residential Services – We provide secure shredding services for both residential and commercial customers. If you have sensitive documents at home that you no longer need, bring them to a PROSHRED® Charlotte shredding location nearest you.

Hard Drive Destruction – Floppy disks, compact disks, hard drives and other media are securely destroyed, leaving no data behind.

Scheduled Shredding Service – If you need ongoing secure shredding services, we can provide that as well. PROSHRED® Charlotte provides regularly scheduled shredding services based on your schedule. Just tell us how often you need us to come to you, and we will take care of the rest!

We want you to put your trust in PROSHRED® Charlotte! To schedule an appointment for secure shredding services, contact us at 1-704-533-9555 or come to our office at 803 Pressley Rd Suite 108 in Charlotte, N.C.

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