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How To Prevent Identity Theft With Secure Shredding

Identity theft happens throughout the year, but activity seems to peak during tax season. Thieves are notorious for raiding IRS documents to collect tax identification numbers and other sensitive information. Even though tax season is months away, millions of Americans will become victims of identify theft throughout the year.

Businesses without robust identity theft protection are proving to be lucrative targets. Criminal organizations are using legitimate corporate identities to defraud creditors, submit false business filings and establish additional lines of credit. If you want to know how to prevent identity theft, follow these 3 simple tips.

  1. Protect Your Mail

Any incoming or outgoing documents that contain personal information can be used to assume your identity. Bank statements, pre-screened credit card offers and tax documents can contain the information that criminals need to perpetrate scams. Don’t leave important documents in a mailbox that’s accessible to other people. Never throw documents in a trashcan or give them to a stranger who offers to discard them for you.

  1. Secure Documents

Financial records that are relevant to yourself, your business or your customers must be kept in a secure location. Make sure that you lock filing cabinets, drawers and desks that house these documents. If you’re making electronic copies, protect digital files with a password. Papers that aren’t needed anymore should be stored securely until they can be shredded.

  1. Shred Important Papers

Documents are especially vulnerable at they end of their lifecycle. Secure shredding services can protect your records after they are discarded. We provide tamper-proof containers where documents can be stored until your data is destroyed. If you’re considering identity theft protection services that safeguard electronic files, don’t forget to secure paper documents that contain equally important information.

If you’re interested in learning more, our experts can show you how to prevent identity theft. Our weekly ISO-certified shredding plans and special events can safeguard important documents and protect you from the nation’s fastest growing crime.

For more information about our secure shredding services, call PROSHRED® Jersey City at 201-366-0091.

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