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June 30, 2016

Benefits of Using a Professional Shredding Company

Shredding documents is a necessary expense for companies and a cost of doing business, but some service providers offer clients a more value than others. PROSHRED Miami is locally operated by owners who live here, shop here and have the flexibility to respond to local market conditions. Our clients are our neighbors, and we respect their friendship by providing reliable service with no hidden charges.

Understanding the Importance of Shredding

Destroying documents in an office shredder is a laborious task that can be monotonous for an on-staff employee. Additionally, taking on the responsibility of shredding sensitive information internally could lead to mistakes or worse. PROSHRED Miami uses technology to prevent problems that occur when companies use manual labor to shred important documents.

Increasing Company Security

The saying “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” rings true when it comes to personal and financial information, and companies need to protect the valuable information of their employees and customers. The threat may exist closer to home than one may imagine; disgruntled employees have been culprits of taking and exposing sensitive company information.

Investment data, bank statements, expansion plans and corporate board presentations can reveal proprietary information that belongs only to authorized officers of a company. Avoiding the possibility of anyone stealing valuable company information makes professional shredding essential.

Saving Company Resources

Cost saving benefits that PROSHRED Miami offers customers exceed any from competitors, and they adapt to clients’ needs. Clients have the option of selecting the service level that they need. With our regularly scheduled shredding service, we place secure containers in offices and return to empty them regularly. Our one-time purge shredding service lets clients safely dispose of documents annually or when a move provides an opportunity to get rid of old files. Through our residential and drop-off shredding service, we offer access to our shredders to residents who have only a small amount of material to destroy.


Protecting the Environment

Recycling paper instead of loading it into landfills benefits the planet, and we endorse the practice. Our shredders are highly efficient, and they reduce documents to tiny particles. We value the practice of converting paper pulp into products that require no cutting of trees and help preserve the environment.

Creating a Positive Impression

Companies that ensure the confidentiality of customers’ private information win respect and generate good will. Filling dumpsters with documents that are potentially valuable to others invites “dumpster diving”. Disposal of financial or medical records and the scandal that can follow always gets attention in the press, and it is a source of embarrassment that responsible companies can avoid.

Covering South Florida

ProShred Miami is proud of our presence in South Florida where we are readily available in the counties of Broward, Dade, Martin, Miami, Monroe, Okeechobee, Palm Beach and St. Lucie. We offer thorough coverage of the busy area so that our clients can have easy access to our service. We appreciate the opportunity to provide shredding for the most reasonable prices and the best customer services that are available anywhere. Clients are welcome to contact us for a personal assessment of needs by our friendly staff.

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