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Drop-Off Shredding At Our Location!

Do you need to destroy any old business documents? PROSHRED® Miami specializes in shredding private documents for business and government organizations. Moreover, we offer extended services to residential clients for reliable drop-off shredding. If you would like to, you can come to our location and watch all of your confidential information shredded in front of your eyes.

Drop-Off Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday

$25.00 minimum charge for the first 5 boxes. Standard size boxes (10x12x15) and $5.00 per box after.

Witness Shredding Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday-Friday

$60.00 minimum charge for the first 5 boxes. Standard size boxes (10x12x15) and $10.00 per box after.

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Shred Documents The Same Way Big Business Does

Since PROSHRED® Miami is an on-site document shredding provider, the majority of our shredding is done using our reliable shred trucks. Most of these trucks are equipped with security cameras so you can watch your confidential documents being shredded right at our locations. Since we have to have a minimum amount of documents to shred for our corporate and government clients we can only come to your residential location to destroy a large stack of documents. It will be easier and more cost-efficient for our residential clients to come to our drop-off shredding location at our facilities.

What Type Of Documents Should You Shred?

PROSHRED® Miami Drop Off Shredding Services meets the specific needs of our home-businesses and residential clients in your area. Some sensistive documents that you might consider having shredded include:

Bank Account Statements Correspondence Job Applications Profit/Loss Statements
Brokerage Reports Credit Card Statements Legal Documents Signatures
Cancelled Checks Financial Reports Medical Records Social Security Numbers
Confidential Letters Insurance Policies Pay-stubs Tax Records
Contracts Invoices and Receipts Photographs Telephone Numbers

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