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February 1, 2017

Keep Your Medical Office Compliant with HIPAA

Medical offices in Miami and throughout the rest of the United States, often share confidential data with other employees and patients regularly. Such information might include financial details, employee records and most critically, the medial files of current patients. By law as a business owner, you are responsible for keeping any sensitive matters surrounding your patients, entirely protected. Regardless of your particular industry or business size, this is a responsibility that all business owners have; failing to adhere to such processes, can result in serious consequences. The great news? With the right solutions in place like secure shredding, you can avoid these potential threats. Medical and Health Industries have stringent HIPAA regulations that must be followed, and document destruction is a critical component in these.

Both hospitals and medical facilities circulate and store a substantial amount of personal information, so it’s not shocking that with this brings the potential for more mistakes to occur. Even the smallest error can lead to the exposure of private, patient matters, and often without any knowledge. Patient records are full of identification details that could be sufficient enough to perform information theft, should records be revealed to the wrong individual. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was designed explicitly to stop incidences like this, providing adequate protection for patients and hospitals under the act.

As HIPAA dictates, healthcare facilities are to practice strict measures in an effort to secure patient medical records, at all times. Keep your medical office organized and free from the risks of both government fines and possible lawsuits. Here is a quick guideline to help your medical office remain in full compliance with HIPAA:

If you operate and manage a medical office and are thinking about outsourcing your destruction needs to a professional, your best bet is to turn to trustworthy and compliant document destruction solutions offered by PROSHRED®, in Miami. We’ll look after your secure document shredding needs so you have nothing to worry about.

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