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February 21, 2018

Professional Shredding Companies – A Better Business Choice

Why Professional Shredding Companies are the Key to Success

Professional shredding companies are a great option for businesses looking to improve their organization by making very simple yet effective changes to everyday tasks. Changing daily actions as simple as putting a confidential document into a different bin for shredding not only saves your company valuable resources, but it also significantly reduces the business liabilities associated with document control.

There are many advantages to businesses choosing to outsource their document shredding requirements to professional shredding companies, including but not limited to: enhanced security, reduced administrative workload by office staff, access to professional document control specialists with offsite storage, and environmentally-friendly waste disposal.



Enhanced Security

Eliminate the risk of personal and proprietary information falling into the wrong hands, potentially becoming a financial and legal liability for your business. With professional shredding companies, businesses are provided with high quality document bins with varying degrees of locking mechanisms available for selection. With company coaching to support the employees’ adjustment to the procedural change, this small task eliminates the opportunity for personal or proprietary information to be unintentionally compromised. The document bins are replaced regularly with the frequency being dependent on customer needs, with the options to increase or reduce scheduled pickups at any time.


Reduced Office Work

Document destruction may seem as simple as sending a document through a machine that shreds it into tiny pieces, but this is not the case. Proper document destruction procedures can have significant record keeping and procedural requirements, using valuable resources and administrative working hours. Find better ways to use those administrative hours and outsource your document shredding requirements to a professional shredding company. 



Professional Document Control

Document control and proper document destruction are not only essential to effective business practices, but in many cases business owners and employers are required by federal regulations to retain certain business documents for a defined period of time. If a company is not vigilant about ensuring their document control policy is compliant, they could face punitive actions by both state and federal governments. By hiring a company that specializes in document destruction and retention, you can rest confident that you have the right mechanisms in place for proper document control.

Offsite Document Storage

Most companies that offer document shredding services also provide secure off-site document storage solutions. If you are running out of space for your documents but are still within the federal retention requirements for the destruction waiting period, these same companies that offer document destruction often offer valuable document storage solutions.


Outsourcing your document shredding benefits your company by ensuring documents are protected from unintentional compromise, shredded in compliance with federal standards, and the final document waste product is recyclable for reuse in recycled paper products.


If your business is located in the Miami area and you want to learn more about how professional shredding services can work to your company’s benefit, contact PROSHRED®Miami to speak with one of our experienced document control professionals. Call today for a free estimate (305) 509-6994.

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