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March 15, 2017

Replace Your Office Shredder with Professional Paper Shredding

By now, the majority of organizations understand the importance behind smart document disposal practices. At a time where identity theft and fraudulent activity continues to dominate our news stories, there is no question that document shredding is a critical aspect in ensuring you’re not victimized by these crimes. As a business owner, it is essential that you are taking the necessary measures to secure confidential details surrounding your customers, employees, marketing plans, budgets, contacts, and additional private content. For your security and general compliance with privacy legislation, any record that is deemed sensitive needs to be properly shredded. Otherwise, the details found in your business documents could supply enough ammunition to the wrong individual if exposed unknowingly. If this occurs because of failing to shred, your company’s reputation might be negatively affected; nobody wants to deal with financial consequences or bad word of mouth by members of your community.

Perhaps you’re currently shredding documents already in-house with an office shredder? Are you aware of the downfalls that come with an office shredder, however?  Shredding in-house is, of course, smarter than failing to shred all together, but it does come with some challenges and risks. Let’s take a look at specifically why it’s time to rethink using your office shredder as a reliable means of document destruction.

Why Should You Forget About Using that Office Shredder?

It’s Costly:  If and when you use your office shredder on a weekly basis, you’ll quickly notice that your internal business fees will increase with time, and shredding in-house will actually cost you more in the long-run than outsourcing this task to professionals. When you consider costs associated with operation, maintenance and electricity, plus the hours required by your staff to fulfill the job, you’re likely losing more money than it’s worth. Keep in mind that time is money! Each time you ask an employee to step away from their job role to help, you are using up valuable working hours. A professional shredding company such as PROSHRED® Miami is more than able to offer you great savings, backed by trusted and reliable shredding solutions you can count on. Now your team can focus on what they were hired to perform.

Shredding Isn’t Certified:  Unlike paper shredding that is carried out in-house, a professional document destruction provider will supply you with certified documentation following each shredding job, outlining every aspect of the destruction process to show you that it was completed securely and in full compliance. When document shredding is completed with a handheld shredder, it’s very rarely recorded; because of this, there is no existing certainty that exemplifies the shredding was done effectively, and as outlined under privacy legislation like FACTA/HIPAA. You don’t want to be confronted with problems down the road if and when you’re ever audited. Reduce stress and headache and turn to a business that specializes in shredding for your document destruction needs.  PROSHRED® Miami will provide you with compliant document shredding services that follow a strict chain of custody for your safety.

There are No Background Checks: Nobody wants to think that their staff may be untrustworthy, and asking them to shred records may seem like a simple and straight forward job, correct?  Sure it may be easy, but it’s critical to keep in mind that they were likely not screened in the same manner that professional shredding technicians are, which could leave you vulnerable to the unknown. Sadly, employment fraud does exist and is even on the rise as of late. The professional team at PROSHRED® Miami places all technicians under a criminal record check, as well as performs a thorough background check before hiring anyone. Our professionals are made up of highly skilled, qualified individuals that have substantial experience in offering secure document shredding processes.

Shredding Lacks Monitoring: When shredding internally, it can be hard to have another staff member tend to the process and watch as this requires time away from day-to-day work routines. The majority of business owners simply can’t afford to waste this kind of time either. It can be pretty easy to get lazy with shredding when an employee isn’t being supervised; documents man land in the trash because of general convenience which is a risky outcome. When you hire PROSHRED® Miami, you are welcome to witness your material get shredded from the start through until the end of the process. Shredding is done directly on-site at your location.

Reduced Security: PROSHRED® Miami will supply you with lockable shred bins, so you can rest assured that your documents will be secure from potential prying eyes. All sensitive content will remain100% secure until containers reach capacity and require servicing. The shred containers provide the perfect reminder to secure any sensitive information that is no longer needed, rather than tossing them away carelessly in the garbage bin. There is little security with an office shredder because records are typically accumulated on desks, or stacked next to the printing station out in the open. This exposure could easily result in both lost and stolen documents, which can quickly impact your business.

PROSHRED® Miami provides industry leading document destruction services that are completed at our secure facility, using highly advanced equipment for shredding you can depend on. Contact the team at PROSHRED® for additional information and if interested, for a free non-obligation quote.

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