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September 8, 2017

The Facts of Identity Theft & How Secure Paper Shredding Can Protect You

$51,000 Taken Away: The Facts of Identity Theft & How Secure Paper Shredding Can Protect You! 

 From the Naples Herald:

A man was arrested by Police in Fort Myers who was believed to be responsible for over 100 cases of identity theft. The suspect was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, but officers discovered $51,000 in money orders, ledgers and personal identification details inside the vehicle. The suspect was charged with many instances of fraud, among others.

The story notes that the thief appeared to have stolen ledgers containing personal information and money orders. Whether the money orders were expired or not wasn’t specified in the report, nor was how the suspect obtained the documents. However it highlights the importance of how secure paper shredding can keep you protected through ensuring that these documents are safely destroyed and disposed of. It is very possible that these documents could have been retrieved from dumpster diving initiatives, or even right off desks in offices.

PROSHRED® has recognized the unfortunate reality that identity theft has become a common occurrence today and that is why it is a top priority to choose a shredding company that guarantees secure paper shredding. Identity theft is so common in fact that it has gone beyond the scope of local and national news due to the high frequency at which it occurs.

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service has put together some facts on identity theft in the United States, and some of the facts might alarm you:

Identity theft occurs every 2 seconds in the United States, and most commonly identity theft occurs in the medical sector. You might be wondering given these startling facts, “what can I do to protect myself?” Luckily there are many things to can do to protect your identity when choosing a shredding company that will provide secure paper shredding:



PROSHRED® Miami is always ready to help you create a document shredding solution that fits your needs and fulfills your goals. If you are wondering what options are available to you contact us today to speak to our NAID certified professionals. Call 1-305-306-9558


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