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June 30, 2016

Are Your Sensitive Documents in Good Hands?

Sensitive document disposal is a vital service for many businesses in Florida. Various state and federal laws require companies to destroy personal information about customers, members, job applicants and other individuals. If your staff only recycles or throws out confidential papers, criminals could use them to commit identity theft. This can result in negative media attention, lawsuits and government fines. Discarded documents may also reveal company secrets that would benefit competitors. It’s crucial to learn about the relevant laws and create a detailed disposal policy for your office.

Know the Rules

The federal government’s Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act demands the destruction of certain confidential documents. They include any reports that contain personal credit records or scores. Additionally, the act requires companies to eliminate information about individuals’ medical, financial, insurance or employment histories. You must completely destroy this sensitive material after your office no longer needs it. Furthermore, the Florida Information Protection Act calls on businesses to shred all personal data during the disposal process. This law applies to documents containing passwords, financial account details, Social Security numbers and various other facts.

Your Policy

To ensure compliance with these laws, it’s important for your office to develop and enforce specific rules about sensitive document disposal. Some businesses expect their employees to evaluate every sheet of paper and determine if it requires shredding. Although this strategy reduces a company’s shredding needs, it necessitates extensive training and increases the risk of errors. A simple alternative is to shred all documents that the business no longer needs. This policy saves time; staff members don’t have to carefully examine each item they discard. Employees should also know what to do when shredding bins become full.


Many businesses pay professional shredding services to perform secure document disposal in Miami. This ensures that private information is thoroughly eliminated using the most effective shredding technology. However, federal law requires companies to choose contractors that comply with data disposal rules. You can easily accomplish this by selecting a firm with an AAA certification from the National Association for Information Destruction. Such companies keep paper in locked receptacles, use cross-cut shredding equipment and conduct background checks on employees. The NAID periodically audits them to verify compliance.

If you need secure document disposal in Miami, consider using ProShred. We have over two decades of experience in this industry and possess an AAA certification. Our company can quickly dispatch a shredding truck to your office and permanently destroy all discarded papers. We also eliminate unwanted computer hard disks. ProShred never charges management, rescheduling or fuel fees. Our employees undergo thorough background checks and drug tests. They strive to completely destroy confidential data in accordance with the law. To request further details or a free quote, please call 305-677-0973.

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