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Commercial Shredding Services

Many large businesses in need of commercial paper shredding solutions should look no further than PROSHRED® Miami. As a locally-owned business, our firm is part of a national network of shredding partners. Regardless of their specific shredding requirements, we offer many advantages to companies of every size. If your business is operating in any kind of industry, including medical, financial, or educational, we invite you to explore the commercial shredding options our PROSHRED® Miami professionals offer at reasonable rates.

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Maintain Compliance

Our top goal for your business is keeping you in compliance with a variety of local, federal, and state laws governing the protection of personal information. That’s because consumers across the U.S. have rights to have their financial and other personally identifiable information being safeguarded after they furnish it to an organization conducting normal business operations. For clients using professional commercial shredding services who aren’t aware of the regulations that affect their business, our team will provide expert assistance in helping select the best shredding solutions. For some clients, this is a one-time shredding service. For other clients, the required level of shredding service could be daily, weekly, or monthly or it may change based on your business needs.

Ensure Confidentiality

When it comes to safeguarding your private information, confidentiality is our guarantee to you. As an example, we provide healthcare organizations with a cost-effective approach to protecting the sensitive information of all patients. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), patients’ rights are federally protected. Regardless if a patient's record is printed on physical paper or detailed on electronic media, that information stays safeguarded. When that record is ready for disposal, it must be securely destroyed. Any medical organization is responsible for protecting the health data connected to a patient, regardless of what the condition of that patient is. Under this law, medical billing information regarding a patient is also protected.

We help a variety of different businesses protect personal information and comply with the regulations and all commercial document destruction standards of their industry. Whether your organization is charged with protecting private client information under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or maintaining another form of legislative compliance, we encourage you to read more of the details of our shredding services.

on-going shredding services
on-going shredding services

Commercial Shredding Services in Miami

From small startups to large corporations, each Miami client is important to us. Our team will always make it as easy as possible for you to schedule your document shredding services. We will respond with quick, reliable service. Get in touch with the PROSHRED® Miami team today and get details on our commercial shredding services. We use industry standards to privately and securely shred all of your sensitive business documents.

PROSHRED® Miami Offers Convenient On-Going Shredding Service

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If you use a professional shredding service your paper is disposed of in the most sustainable way. Our recycling process is done so that most of your material can be reused instead of ending up in a landfill.

Yes, our mobile shredding trucks can come to your business and shred your documents in front of you. Our impressive shredding trucks can even shred your hard drives and other electronics.

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