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June 30, 2016

Tips For Avoiding Identity Theft

Although credit cards and online accounts have made life more convenient, these innovations have also empowered identity thieves. These criminals use a variety of techniques, including hacking and old-fashioned dumpster diving, to gain access to your private information. Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take to safeguard your data and prevent identity theft.

Strengthen Your Passwords

Each day, you may input dozens of passwords to access your online banking, insurance policies, social networking sites and more. If you use a weak password, such as a common word from the dictionary, an identity thief might be able force his way into your accounts and steal your information. Complex passwords that use numbers and symbols may be more challenging to remember, but they will protect you better than easily guessed words.

Don’t Click on Emails

Some identity thieves have developed email templates that closely mimic legitimate businesses, such as online retailers and banks. However, these fake emails will direct you to spoof sites that the thieves have set up to steal your personal information. Rather than clicking on a link in an email, use a search engine to find it yourself.

Monitor Your Financial Accounts Carefully

Frequently checking your bank statements is a good way to catch suspicious charges. If you see a purchase that you know you didn’t make, call your banking institution right away. Use online banking to check your accounts instantly instead of waiting for a paper statement to arrive.

Shred Identifying Documents

Tossing out papers with identifying information along with the rest of your garbage gives thieves an easy way to steal your information. Shredding these documents is an effective way to prevent thieves from gathering useful data from your garbage can. If you have to dispose of a large amount of sensitive information at once, consider hiring a professional shredding service, such as PROSHRED Miami.

Shop Online with Care

Although online stores strive to protect your data, you should still do a few things to protect yourself. For example, don’t store your financial information in the store’s website. You can also set aside a particular credit card to only use for online shopping. Finally, read some reviews to make sure a website is legitimate before you make any purchases.

Identity theft isn’t just an issue for individuals. Businesses are vulnerable to identity theft as well, and they can also be held liable if they expose a customer’s information to theft. At PROSHRED Miami, we offer a full range of services to help you dispose of sensitive documents securely. Our mobile shredding service is fully compliant with all security standards and can dispose of your data on-site, protecting you from theft and liability. Get a quote or learn more about our secure shredding services by contacting us today.

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