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Does Shredded Paper Get Recycled?

Does Shredded Paper Get Recycled? When it comes to getting rid of paper, you try to do what’s right for the environment, and that means recycling. Americans use 170 billion pounds of paper a year, which works out to about 680 pounds per person. Each 2,000 pounds of recycled paper can save: 17 trees 380

Printer Peril! The Identity Theft Danger Hiding Inside Office Equipment

Printer Peril! The Identity Theft Danger Hiding Inside Office Equipment These days, every office, library or copy center has a multifunction peripheral (MFP)—a digital copier/printer combo that you can use to print, copy, scan, fax and email documents. Perhaps you’ve used your office MFP to print a credit application or make copies of your employment

Back to School, Back to Risk

Back to School, Back to Risk Among the other things you worry about when you send your kids off to college, add this: college students are extremely vulnerable to identity theft. According to the 2015 Identity Fraud Study, students are the least likely to be worried about identity theft, with 64% saying they are not

What’s Your Liability?

What’s Your Liability for Improperly Discarded Documents? It’s the worst-case scenario—you’ve allowed some sensitive documents to slip through your security cracks, and someone has used the information they contain to commit a crime or get access to private information. Are you financially responsible for the resulting losses? The short answer: Yes. Ideally, all your important

Why Erasing Your Hard Drive Isn’t Good Enough

Why Erasing Your Hard Drive Isn’t Good Enough As technology gets more advanced, it’s becoming more and more difficult to truly delete information. If you’re getting rid of a hard drive, simply deleting the data before disposal won’t safeguard your confidential corporate, financial or personal information. A 2015 study by Blancco Technology Group found that

When Should You Shred?

When Should You Shred? You want to keep your company secure by properly disposing of any sensitive documents, but how do you know how long to keep things on file? Here are some common things you might have on file in paper form, and how long professionals recommend you keep them before you shred. Bank

10 Surprising Things You Should Be Shredding

You probably know you need to shred any document that contains sensitive personal or financial information such as Social Security number, account numbers, etc. But there are many other things that shouldn’t be casually thrown away or recycled. You’d be surprised how much personal information can be retrieved from these items: 1. Magazines and Catalogs

The Hidden Dangers of Junk Mail

Getting unsolicited mail in your mailbox is annoying, but if you throw it out without shredding it first, it can become downright dangerous. Whether that mail comes from a national credit card issuer or a local business, chances are there’s a reason you’re getting it. Either you live in an area the organization wants to

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