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November 13, 2018

End of the Year Shredding

How to Do an End-of-the-Year Clean Out of Your Paper Documents—the Safe Way

Despite our increasing reliance on email and electronic documents, the average business still accumulates a lot of paper throughout the year. Over the course of several years, those paper documents can take up more storage space and put your company increasingly at risk for data breaches.

Want to start fresh in 2019? Clean out your company’s paper documents with PROSHRED® Connecticut ’s professional shredding services. Not only does PROSHRED® Connecticut use the most advanced shredding technology, it also provides proof of destruction to keep you in compliance with all state, federal, and industry specific privacy regulations.

PROSHRED® Connecticut’s Shredding Method

There are many different types of shredding. The least secure type, used by consumer shredders typically sold by office supply stores, is strip-cut shredding, which shreds documents into long strips. While that’s certainly better than throwing whole documents into the garbage or recycle bin, documents shredded with the strip-cut method can still be reconstructed.

Cross-cut shredding, which chops papers into very small pieces, is much more effective, though reconstruction, while difficult, is still possible. Micro-cut shredding is similar to cross-cut, but the pieces are smaller—about the size of confetti.

PROSHRED® Connecticut uses the most secure method—piece and tear—in which multiple rotating blades punch holes in paper and tear it into small, uneven pieces.

Why Choose PROSHRED® Connecticut

Many companies offer shredding services, but it’s important to choose one a reputable company that meets your needs.

Ready to clean out your papers and start fresh for 2019? Contact us for a quote.

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