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Home Office Shredding Services

PROSHRED® Delaware Shredding Service

A larger number of employees are on the road, traveling and working flexible hours. Even more are working from home, and these newer trends are allowing a greater amount of sensitive documents to leave the office. As a result, your organization could be at an increased risk of security concerns if certain precautions aren’t set up.

Privacy legislation applies beyond the office setting, so businesses must create systems that safeguard confidential data both in and out of the office.

PROSHRED® Delaware has designed home shredding solutions to help companies meet legal requirements. We provide home office records destruction that works in combination with a company’s office shredding program.

PROSHRED® gives you the right tools to handle confidential information outside the office so you can receive the most effective home office shredding program available. You are also able to educate your employees on maintaining confidentiality.

In addition to large corporations allowing employees to work in home offices, the number of small businesses throughout the United States is on the rise. Entrepreneurs also need peace of mind in knowing that their sensitive information has been securely shred before disposal.

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Cross Shredding vs Strip Shredding

Home office shredders are pricey, unreliable, and can be distracting. A professional paper shredding company, such as PROSHRED® Delaware offers a more sound solution. Paper shredding companies use an industrial cross-shredding method where home office shredders use strip shredding. Strip shredding is a less secure method of destroying your papers and can compromise the security of your records. After each shredding service, you should have your shredded material recycled.

Home Office Record Shredding Options

PROSHRED® Delaware provides a safe and eco-friendly home document shredding system that provides an easy and affordable method for home-based businesses to destroy and dispose private documents. A mobile shredding truck carrying the most advanced shredding equipment can arrive at your home and securely perform the shredding on-site.

Additionally, home office employees and residents may join in our regular community shredding programs, which assist our residential clients in protecting themselves against identity theft.

Request Your Home Paper Shredding Estimate today to learn more about how PROSHRED® Delaware can improve your security immediately. 1-302-433-6610

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