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Business Shredding

Business Shredding Industries

In today’s climate, both large and small companies across all industries must take privacy legislation seriously. To meet legislative requirements, businesses may need to implement new processes that assist in protecting against unauthorized access to confidential information.

PROSHRED® Delaware’s shredding services are performed on-site at your location, and offers the most secure and environmentally-sound method of destroying confidential documents. Our flexible and cost-effective process is also successful in protecting private information and maintaining compliance with legislation. We also help our customers avoid security breaches that could negatively affect your brand’s reputation. Finally, we provide peace of mind.

Medical Record Shredding & Destruction Industries

The majority of medical and healthcare professionals realize the importance of properly shredding medical records to maintain patient trust and privacy. Doctors and other healthcare providers in general deal with an individual’s most sensitive personal details on a regular basis. Patients trust you to maintain their privacy, therefore it’s imperative that records are handled with care and professionalism at all times. When it is time to discard medical records, partnering with an on-site shredding company can guarantee all documents and medical materials are professionally and securely destroyed.

Medical Record Shredding
Financial Record Shredding

Financial Record Shredding Industries

Financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions and other related businesses are in charge of looking after a person’s or company’s most confidential data. Additionally, financial companies themselves store numerous documents of their own financial data that needs to be protected. With this in mind, it’s crucial to utilize an on-site paper shredding company to securely destroy your financial records.

Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction Industries

In order to keep client documents safe, law firms and legal offices need a paper shredding company they can rely on. Without clients, law firms would not have any business, so it is imperative your company participates in legal record shredding to protect your clients’ privacy. Respecting client confidentiality will help maintain trust in your firm. With an on-site document destruction service, you will protect client files before and after they are destroyed.

Legal Record Shredding
Home Office Shredding

Home Office Shredding Industries

New trends are emerging in the workplace, and more employees are traveling and working from home. As this happens, employees are more likely to take confidential documents from the office. This creates a higher risk for security threats, such as a data breach or identity theft. Certain precautions must be taken, as privacy laws apply to data both in and out of the typical office setting. Your company should be prepared to meet legislative requirements, and PROSHRED® Delaware can help.

Residential Document Shredding Solutions

PROSHRED® Delaware has designed a convenient, secure, and affordable residential paper shredding service to limit the risks of discarding personal and home-office material such as personal identity theft and corporate spying.


Residential Shredding

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