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April 8, 2020

How Does an On-Going Shred Service Work?

On-going paper shredding service is ideal for businesses and organizations that regularly produce documents with time-sensitive or protected information. A recurring shred service allows you to schedule a pickup of on-site shredding on a regular basis, making it convenient to implement an effective shredding policy for your workplace. But how does a recurring shredding service work? With PROSHRED® Delaware it’s a simple three-step process!

Step 1 – Security Audit

In order to determine the best on-going shred service for your business, we first perform a PROSHRED® security audit. Based on the number of employees, the size of the workplace, and the number of documents produced, we’ll let you know how many secure shred containers will be needed for your office space, and offer advice on placement. These secure shred bins are included free of charge with your on-going shredding service, and are used in high-traffic areas to encourage document shredding throughout the day. Our standard shred bins are larger than most in the industry, but if your business produces a lot of documents you may be interested in our high volume secure shredding carts. Both bins and carts are easily transported by PROSHRED® Delaware technicians to the on-site mobile shred truck for immediate confidential shredding.


Step 2 – developing a custom shred program

No matter the size of your business, we can develop a custom plan scaled to your needs. For example, some companies might benefit from exclusive on-site mobile shredding services. Some organizations are able to implement selective shredding, other businesses benefit from a “shred-all” policy, in which all documents are shredded when they’re no longer needed. We can help determine which program will work best for your business, and offer advice on how to best meet your shredding goals. Whether you’re best served by weekly or monthly mobile shred services, or convenient off-site destruction, we’ll establish a plan that works for you. 

Step 3 – implementing the program

It’s important to establish guidelines and procedures for the secure shredding plan designed for your workspace. You may need to spend some time training new and old employees so they know exactly what needs to be destroyed securely and what can go in standard waste or recycling bins. Make sure you pay close attention to any relevant privacy laws that outline how your industry should handle confidential documents, and be sure to update your in-house policies if they change. 

At PROSHRED® Delaware, we schedule pickup and shredding that works for you, on your schedule. We make it easy and convenient to protect your data and keep your business compliant with government and industry privacy laws. When you need secure document destruction in the greater Delaware area, you need PROSHRED®! Get started with an on-going shredding service by calling 302.433.6610 today!


Frequently Asked Questions about PROSHRED Delaware

Yes! Our mobile shred trucks are equipped to shred hard drives, making it convenient and easy to keep your digital data secure. 

The remaining pierced and torn document fragments are ultimately recycled into new forms of paper, ensuring your data is truly gone forever.

With PROSHRED® Delaware, our industrial pierce and tear shredders can handle it all. There’s no need to separate paperclips, staples, or metal clips. 

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