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December 28, 2016

Why Do Paperless Offices Need a Scheduled Shredding Service?

It starts as a simple idea. Increase productivity, time management, working from home and shared networks, cut down on the expense of printers, toner and paper. The contents of the office filing cabinets are scanned and a one-time purge booked with PROSHRED®. The IT guys have worked their magic with cloud sharing and server back-ups, but . . . your staff still like to print, mark-up and hold paper.

If, like many of your more experienced staff, you are used to handling paper or suffer eyestrain and burn-out when looking too long at a computer screen, you will still print out documents on paper. Support work is often handled on paper. In addition, much research has found that people retain more from reading from paper they are handling than from reading from a screen or tablet. This results in printed paper. It may not be as much as before, and you may no longer need to scan it back into your system, but it is still sitting there on desks, unsecured. The problem is . . .  there is no longer a system for storing, for filing, for security and preventing an information breach.

The problem is . . .  there is no longer a system for storing, for filing, for security and preventing an information breach

The solution is a mobile document shredding process and regularly scheduled pick-ups using secure containers. Secure shredding is an easy, cost-effective process to outsource due to the many benefits using a reputable service. PROSHRED® provides their scheduled clients with secure containers free of charge for the duration of their employment. The contents are picked-up on an optimum schedule, shredded at the client’s location to provide the most secure chain-of-custody and a Certificate of Destruction given at the completion of each service. The client does not need to maintain shredding equipment, does not need to divert staff away from more profitable duties and because they have been issued with a Certificate of Destruction is compliant with the latest, ever-changing legislation. In addition, when the company is PROSHRED® Delaware, they are confident that with the NAID AAA and ISO 9001:2008 certification that the service is always completed to the highest and most secure standards.

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