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May 7, 2019

5 Things to do Before Disposing of Your Computer

Technology is constantly advancing, bringing newer, faster and more advanced capabilities to computers, mobile devices, and other electronics. These improvements can greatly benefit businesses! If your company is interested in purchasing new office equipment, you should complete several key actions before throwing away any old computers.


    1. Save Any Needed FilesTo make sure you don’t lose any data you need on your new computer, you should back up your files or save them on an external hard drive. Popular back-up solutions include Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive that operate through the cloud.
    2. Delete Unneeded FilesWhile you’re going through your computer files and selecting the items you want to keep, you can also delete the information you no longer need. However, it’s important to realize that just by dragging documents to your computer’s trash does not permanently delete your information. The only way to do this is through hard drive destruction.
    3. Schedule A Hard Drive Destruction ServiceHard drive destruction is the only way to eliminate any and all data stored on computers. Without a hard drive destruction service, data such as passwords, credit card numbers, emails, addresses, and other confidential information can be accessed by anyone. Protect your company’s data so you are not one of the unfortunate businesses who fall suspect to a data breach or security threat!
    4. Schedule A Document Shredding ServiceMaking room for your new computers often results in cleaning out desk and office space. Who doesn’t like a clean, fresh start? Unless you have a thorough procedure in place for maintaining documents, you’ll probably find various papers that you forgot were hiding in file cabinets! Once you’ve sorted through everything, ask your local shredding company to destroy and recycle your unneeded documents. This will effectively protect your confidential data and free up space in your office, so that you have an organized area to put your brand new computer in!
    5. Choose PROSHRED® Delaware for your Information Destruction

      The last and final step before disposing of your computer is to choose PROSHRED® Delaware. As one of the most experienced shredding companies in the nation, our team can properly handle your hard drive destruction and paper shredding needs.

To schedule a shredding service, you can reach PROSHRED® Delaware at 1-302-433-6610.

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