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5 Ways to Improve Data Security

Tips for Advanced Data Security Procedures


Research has shown that human error is still the largest contributor of data breaches but with just a few proactive steps to connect your security policies and your processes you can mitigate risk.


  1. Utilize password best practices. Often times data breach prevention can be as simple as a more secure password. Ensure you are using password protection software and avoid saving passwords on sticky notes and other visible items.
  2. Protect your laptop. Does your organizations have an updated policy in place in the case that a laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen? One estimate says a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Avoid this mishap by never leaving it in your vehicle unattended, walk away from it in public and seek the use of data encryption on your devices.
  3. Identify phishing scams. Take the time to understand and be able to identify phishing scams and ensure you do not click on any links within suspicious emails to protect yourself.
  4. Confidential information access policy. Have a policy in place in the case there is an employee departure from the company. Need-to-know basis access to secure company documents is a proactive way to keep sensitive information secure. Implement a document management policy that oversees document lifespans from creation to destruction.
  5. Securely dispose of all information. PROSHRED® New York takes measures to ensure that our shredding process is compliant with ISO 9001 and NAID AAA standards and requirements.


Implement the tips above and schedule regular data destruction to ensure your information is secure. PROSHRED® New York is dedicated to best practices for keeping your information secure. Review our full list of services to see how we can help you today.



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I am one of the chairs of the North Castle Recycling Committee. Each year we have a Zero Waste Day and we look for a shredding company that will provide shredding for a community event. This year we invited ProShred. ProShred was fantastic. They came early and left only when their truck was full. The truck operator was professional, patient and pleasant to our town residents. From my first call where I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Latoya Banfield, Sales & Operations Manager, to the end of the event, ProShred really provided an excellent service. Ms. Banfield was always available by phone or by email. She handled all issues and our event went so smoothly. I recommend ProShred as a shredding company for your professional or personal needs, as well as for a community event. I have every confidence in ProShred.

- Beth Pollack

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