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September 30, 2016

Can Your Recycling Bins Prevent A Breach in Security?

How comfortable would you be if you knew that someone was going through your office recycling bins right now? Unfortunately, recycling bins are a treasure trove for identity thieves. Documents kept in recycling bins are often sensitive, so theft of these documents can lead to everything from credit card fraud to an information security breach. Documents that are not secured properly allow anyone from employees to burglars to gain access to sensitive information. Take document security seriously and follow these 3 tips from the security experts at PROSHRED® New York.

  1. Lock All Recycling Bins

Typical building security services rarely offers sufficient protection that ensures the documents inside a facility are safe. An office breach of security can easily happen when dozens or hundreds of individuals have keys to a facility. Businesses should keep confidential documents under lock and key when they are not in use. Most businesses concerned about security use locked storage cabinets for sensitive documents, but few consider the risk of the discarded files in recycling bins and the potential for an information security breach these create. All discarded documents should be kept in a locked recycling bin before disposal.

  1. Impose a Shred-All Policy

A shred-all policy ensures a reasonable level of protection in the event of an information security breach. Shredded documents are difficult for thieves to reconstruct. Since the information value of a particular document can be difficult to determine, implementing a shred-all policy offers a reasonable level of protection against all security breaches past the point of disposal.

  1. Use On-Site Secure Shredding Services

By transporting documents off site for destruction, you are creating multiple layers of opportunities for documents to be stolen. Documents can be compromised while in transit, before disposal, and even after destruction. On-site document destruction service retains full control over the disposal process.

Trust the Security Experts

PROSHRED® New York offers secure shredding solutions that enable businesses to take full control of document protection. We can help businesses with on-site shredding services and secure shredding bins that keep critical documents under lock and key. Clients receive a certificate of destruction after each load is processed to verify that the documents have been permanently eliminated. Contact PROSHRED® New York today to discuss how our solutions might add value to your business and to receive a free quote.

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