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January 18, 2018

Shredding Services for a More Secure 2018

The Key to Security is as Simple as Investing in Secure Shredding Services

Identity theft is one of the top reasons that businesses are put at risk. Ensuring all unwanted papers and documents that have vital information are appropriately disposed of is essential. One way of doing this is by shredding them with a certified shredding company. When shredding confidential data, ensure that the shredded paper is so tiny that any determined person cannot put them together to retract any confidential information. PROSHRED® New York provides onsite shredding services to businesses throughout the city, no matter their size.


Because most businesses fear to trust a third party with their company information or client’s details, they may end up stacking all the unnecessary paperwork in their storage facilities. This reduces space, increases identity theft danger and may slow down operations. Some are left with unsightly stacks of documents they have no idea what to do with. So why should you trust PROSHRED® New York?


Integrity and Honest Dealings
One of the things that PROSHRED® New York encourages is that their customers be at the shredding scene to supervise the whole exercise. If they cannot be available, they can do this through a camera. This is not true. The camera is on the truck and the clients have to be at the truck to see this camera. This recorded information cannot be streamed or sent to a customer.(please delete the sentence) Watching the entire process can give you the peace of mind knowing that all the documents were destroyed. We do not go through the papers or go into details on why you want to destroy them. Our work is to shred the documents you do not want to keep.


We Provide Onsite Shredding Services
Having the documents shredded at your facility can give you more peace of mind than when off-site shredding occurs at a different location (at our facilities). You can call us to perform the work at your designated place of business and provide us with a time that fits your schedule. We will come with the appropriate equipment and enough workforce to ensure the work is done efficiently and securely. We know how damaging it can be when customers lose confidence in your discretion. They will not trust you with their details again. Some of the things we take more precaution when shredding are bank statements, canceled checks, confidential communications among others.

Most of our clients let us know when they need more precaution observed when carrying out the process.

Other than the security factor, we also carry out the shredding services promptly. We can be carrying out the work periodically such as on a monthly basis or after every three months or so often depending on your preferences and needs. You are not obliged to get into a contract with us for any services you may require. We are also professional, ensure the services are available on the set dates, time as per the agreement, and make sure we follow your guidelines to the letter. We also advise you on the best document and information safety practices you can adopt at your premises.

It’s not just about shredding documents but also destroying data stored in computers and hard drives. Our experts ensure all data stored in old computers is destroyed guaranteeing the safety of your business. We can destroy the information even on faulty computers. This we can do without affecting the machines if they are still reusable. With our services, you are assured of a more secure 2018, and a more organized workplace.



If you are a small business in need of shredding services in New York then look no further. At PROSHRED® New York we are certified company and specialize in mobile or on-site hard drive and document destruction shredding services. Call us today (914) 275-0404 and let us discuss how we can help your business.


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