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November 10, 2017

Small Business Data Security Best Practices

Tips on Going Pro with Your Business Data Security


Business data security is a concern shared by all business owners. Whether you run a big, medium, or small business, you need to ensure that your personal and customer data is secured. To ensure that your business data is secure, we recommend that you embrace the following business data security best practices.


Have a Structured Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is a comprehensive document which details how your business will advertise and market its products and services. A high-level marketing plan carries some recommendations which can be implemented to achieve the business’ marketing goals and objectives. The recommendations include:

• Brand Consistency-This is crucial because it brings out your business as being trustworthy and dependable. Customers easily associate themselves with businesses whose brand is consistent.

• Web Presence- An online presence is vital for any business. Customers and clients connect with businesses through online platforms that include social media and websites. Today, customers do not pick phones to make calls. Instead, they go online and search for your company information online via a search engine like Google. They contact businesses via social media chats and email expecting speedy replies. Maintaining a robust web presence will enable your business to compete favorably with your competitors.

• Brand Voice- Your brand voice should differentiate your service or product offering from that offered by your competitors. You have to inject some personality and uniqueness in the brand voice and seek to help customers to relate to the brand. Use a consistent voice on your social media pages, website and in your offline marketing campaigns.

• Mission and Vision- Your mission statement should be worded in such a way that it communicates what your business does, your objectives and the approach you will use to reach the objectives. Conversely, your vision statement should paint the picture of the desired future position that you envision for your business.


Embrace Standard Processes


As part of best practices and business data security, businesses are expected to adhere to some standard practices and security policies. Here are some of these standard processes:

• On-boarding and off-boarding employees- You should add and remove employees from your identity and access management (IAM) system.

• Training Employees- You should invest in on-job training for your employees to ensure that they are armed with current best practices for your industry.


Business Information Security


Ensure that all your data is secured and all data which needs to be destroyed are destroyed in line with best practices. You can achieve this by:

• Partnering with a document shredding company offering shredding services for both electronic and paper documents that are no longer needed.

• Hire a service provider specialized in destroying hard-drives and ensure that the data in these drives cannot be reconstructed.

• Advise your employees to adopt a clean desk policy which will help prevent loss of sensitive business data to internal fraudsters.



If you are a small business in need of business data security services in New York then look no further. At PROSHRED® New York, we are certified company and specialize in mobile or on-site hard drive and document destruction. Call us today (914) 275-0404 and let us discuss how we can help your business.


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