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November 9, 2016

Booking Shred Day

Your Local Shredding ServiceHello Everyone! Now that you are a little more familiar with some of the shredding lingo and how to prepare your material. Let me go over some tips to help you when you call to book your appointment and how to prepare for your shred day.

Prior to making the call make sure you have the following information in front of you so that your representative can assist you as best as he/she can.

  1. Make sure you have the address of the shed location so that your representative can confirm that you are in the service area. If we are coming to a self-storage facility we need the name.
  2. Know whether you want to do On-site or Off-site Shredding.
  3. Know what the approximate count of boxes /lbs./ garbage bags you have to be shredded
  4. Have an idea of where you will stage the material and mention it to your representative ***Remember easily accessible location and at ground level (Garage, in the lobby, etc.)***

If we are going to your residence remember that our shred trucks are quite large and cannot park in the driveway. Provide any tips or information as to where the driver should park.

  1. Provide the best phone number that you or your site contact can be reached at the time of service.
  2. Be prepared to provide a major credit card to secure your booking.

Now that you are all booked! Time to prepare for your shred day.

  1. If you come up with more boxes (20bx more than the original estimate) call your representative to ensure that the driver will have plenty of space on the truck and time to complete the work.
  2. Payment- We will have a card on file but you’re welcome to provide a different form of payment at the time of service.
  3. Make absolutely sure that your material is at ground level and easily accessible to the driver.

*** Our drivers will NOT move boxes up and down stairs***

  1. Your driver will provide you with a work order and note down your total box count and total cost of the job.
  2. The office will email or mail you a copy of the paid invoice and Certificate of Destruction.

I hope that with these tips, your shredding experience is stress and worry free.

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