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June 8, 2023

How To Keep Your Files Organized and Easy To Access

Are you constantly struggling to find the file or folder that you need at a moment’s notice? If staying organized is not your strong suit, don’t worry. We have all been there! Between work projects and home files, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to keep everything in order. But don’t fret—PROSHRED® San Diego will walk you through some simple strategies for keeping your files organized so they are easy to access when needed.

1. Consistently Store and Update Your Files
Being consistent is the most important method to keeping your files organized—and having all of your files in one place is the first step. Whether you store your files in a filing cabinet, digitally, or in some combination of the two, it is important that once you have established where you will keep your files, you continue to store them there. This includes consistently updating them as you acquire new files. An out-of-date filing system won’t do you much good.

2. Have A Clear and Specific System
Once you have decided where to keep your files, you’ll want to create a filing system that works for you. This will include using a hierarchy of folders and subfolders to categorize and organize your files. How you organize it will be entirely up to you and what your needs are, but it is best to be as clear and specific as you came. Once you come up with naming conventions, stick with them as best as you can in order to keep your files easy to understand.

3. Keep Your Documents Secure
Whether you are using physical or digital files, it’s important to keep your files secure though the steps to ensure your documents differ. For physical documents, you’ll want to keep them in a locked file cabinet. If the documents are especially important, you may want to consider having copies kept in a second location in case of fire or other disasters or make digital copies.

For digital files, you’ll want to keep your files safe by having a secure password and using two-factor authentication. You can also encrypt your files for extra protection. When you are no longer using your hard drive, it is important to destroy them—keeping or simply deleting information on your hard drive is not enough to protect it.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Files
Don’t be afraid of getting rid of unused files. Whether the files are old or if they are duplicates, there is no reason to keep them. In fact, there are many reasons to get rid of them, the top among them is for security purposes. There is always a risk that confidential files could be stolen or used for malicious purposes, so the best policy is to securely destroy them.

As one of the only secure document shredding companies that is ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR and has NAID AAA certification, you can be sure that PROSHRED® San Diego will securely destroy all unwanted files. We are dedicated to making the process as efficient as possible which is why we will conveniently come to you with our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks.

5. Make Digital Copies of Physical Documents
It’s a good idea to make digital copies of physical documents. Digital copies provide many benefits such as making files easier to access and share, having control over who has access, and saving space and paper. Deciding on the best method of keeping your files organized and secure can be challenging, sometimes the best choice is doing a blend of both physical and digital files.

If you are considering making digital copies of your files, contact PROSHRED® San Diego’s document scanning service. We’ll make the process remarkably simple. Our technicians will pick up your files and take them to our secure facility where we will efficiently scan them. After the scanning is complete, you’ll receive your new digital files either on a drive or in the cloud.

Contact PROSHRED® San Diego for all Your Secure Document Shredding Needs

If you are searching for “shredding services near me” look no further than PROSHRED®. As the only secure document shredding company that is both ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR and NAID AAA certified, you can be confident that all your files will be securely shredded and that your company is safe. Whether you are looking for purge shredding or an ongoing service, paper shredding, or document scanning, PROSHRED® San Diego can help you with all of your shredding needs. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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