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September 21, 2020

Make Document Scanning Solutions A Part Of Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Has Sprung, And So Have Our Spring Cleaning Document Scanning Solutions!

Spring has officially begun to greet us, and with spring comes spring cleaning! Although this may be a task many of us try to avoid, by sorting and clearing out files and documents that are outdated or laying around exposed and posing a risk of a security breach, you can actually help create more space for yourself by beginning to clean them up. Document scanning solutions at PROSCAN® Springfield can help you with the tedious spring cleaning tasks and in doing so you can avoid exposing confidential information that increases your risk of a data breach, while keeping your customers and personal information safe.

Make Document Scanning Solutions a Part of Spring Cleaning

The most effective tool to use for your business or personal office spring cleaning efforts as they pertain to your documents, is a document scanning solution. By partnering with PROSCAN® Springfield, your business or home office can start the process of cleaning out filing cabinets, drawers, and stacks of paper while also better organizing paperwork and streamlining several processes. These processes include:

Know When To Scan, Store, And When To Dispose

On top of your document scanning solutions spring cleaning list, it is also important to take into consideration how your personal and business documents can implement organizational information security policies. By law, businesses are required to keep confidential information (clients, employees, and company data) for a minimum amount of time. This rule also applies to individuals who need to keep record of important personal information (tax papers, home and health records, etc). Click here to learn more about which documents you should keep and for how long they should be stored.

It is important to hire a reliable third-party vendor for your document scanning, storage, or destruction needs. PROSCAN® Springfield guarantees the highest level of protection during all stages of the document scanning solution process. We provide secure transportation of documents to and from our facility, which is equipped with alarm, cameras, and CCTV. Along with physical safeguards, we have various methods of encryption and regular monitoring of network activity. Upon completion of the scanning process, we help ensure your confidential material is properly destroyed through our shredding division, PROSHRED® Security.

Let us make your spring cleaning easier! Contact us today for more information on our comprehensive document scanning solutions.

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