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E-Waste Recycling & Data Destruction

With Secure e-Cycle (a division of PROSHRED® Security), you can properly dispose of your electronic devices, ensuring your safety and environment.

Chicago Shredding Service

Electronics recycling has been a growing issue over the past twenty years or so. As we become more reliant upon cell phones, computers, tablets and a broad variety of other consumer electronics, the need to safely dispose of these devices has become paramount.

The old-fashioned means of trash disposal—the tried-and-true landfill—is no longer a valid solution and indeed is now illegal in Illinois. Fortunately, there are options available. Learn about the new regulations and laws surrounding Chicago electronics recycling, the penalties you could face, and how PROSHRED® can help you safely dispose of those items.

E-Waste Recycling

While some may view the requirement to recycle electronics as an unnecessary headache, the truth is there are important environmental reasons for this law. Electronics include heavy metals, toxic materials and chemicals like cadmium, mercury, lead and bromine which can create serious environmental and health concerns for the surrounding community. eMedia recycling is not just a feel-good measure; it’s essential to our environment and even our personal health.

Secure eCycle

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Illinois Electronics Recycling Act

The current Illinois electronics recycling act makes it illegal to dispose of electronics in landfills.

The Act imposes severe and harsh penalties for those who fail to abide by the rules for proper disposal and recycling of electronics, with fines ranging from $7,000 to tens of thousands of dollars based on the individual violation and length of the violation (415 ICLS 150/80 Sec. 80. Penalties). This makes it essential for business owners in Illinois to take the right steps for proper Chicago electronics recycling.

PROSHRED® Electronics Destruction Service

PROSHRED® Chicago offers dedicated on-site destruction of desktops, laptops, flat screen monitors and servers. Not only will we help to keep you in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and save you thousands in potential fines, but we will also protect your information security as well.

Whether it’s computers, tablets or company smartphones, your electronics could access to important sensitive information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Destroying your electronics completely is vital to protecting your reputation, your business, your clients and your employees from unscrupulous individuals.

Chicago Electronics Recycling

Even better, when we’re done destroying your information to protect your company’s security, we work with local recycling agencies to make sure that all of the dangerous components are properly recycled and disposed of.

When electronics are sent for recycling they are stripped down and anything that can be recycled—metals like nickel, gold and copper, for example—is sent off for recycling. The rest is safely disposed of. With PROSHRED® Chicago you can be certain that your electronics devices will be completely and utterly destroyed and recycled, completely in compliance with the law and in keeping with a safe approach to the environment.

Please note, however, that we do not recycle television sets. Most consumer electronics you need to have destroyed and recycled, we can handle! If you have Chicago electronics recycling that you need completed, and you need help protecting your security and complying with local laws, call the expert customer service representatives at PROSHRED® today!

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