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Product Destruction

PROSHRED® Chicago is not only known for its competency in paper and document shredding, but also for product destruction.  In a world where security and a peace of mind are invaluable, PROSHRED® Chicago stands ready to assist in the destruction of products that need to be properly destroyed and discarded.

Our on-site product destruction service provides a safe and reliable way to destroy products that could cause a breach in security.  We specifically specialize in:

Why Product Destruction?

Manufacturers or businesses often find themselves with large amounts of defective or out of date products and are faced with the decision of how to dispose of those products.  To simply recycle those products or send them to the landfill might create more problems than can be seen at first glance.  To have these products or merchandise fall into the wrong hands could not only cause harm to the brand, but could also cause other liability issues.

At PROSHRED® Chicago, we offer a product destruction service to eliminate the possibility of illegal use of the products.  The process of product destruction will provide the manufacturer with the assurance that the product is not being sold or used illegally.

The peace of mind afforded by the product destruction service at PROSHRED® Chicago is invaluable. Each product destruction process is done with your security in mind.  Our professional destruction method will eliminate the possibility of your confidential products ever being misused.

The Process

In the event that your business has products that need to be destroyed, you can trust PROSHRED®‘s certified customer service professionals to respond promptly and efficiently.  The state of the art mobile shredding trucks used by PROSHRED® allow you, the customer, to witness the product destruction ensuring that each product is destroyed completely and securely.

The security of your employees, your business and your brand name are vital.  PROSHRED® Chicago is a locally owned, safe, reliable, and competent resource for timely product destruction. We work hard to provide a service to our community that is helpful and cost-efficient.  For more information, contact our customer service representatives today.

What Products Should a Business Destroy?

In order to protect your business security and information, you should shred any products that contain company logos, are outdated, or are recalled. These often include:


  • Old uniforms, clothes and shoes
  • Trading or playing cards
  • Protective equipment
  • Packaging
  • …And more



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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

CUSTOMER SERVICE: PROSHRED Customer Service are very polite. At first call to set-up our services, we were given to Leon, who was more than exemplary in explaining how Proshred works. After describing the shredding process, We were guided step-by-step on how to avail their services. Everything were set-up in a customer-friendly manner. The assurance of privacy are conveyed even at the first exchange of information; granting our company security under their service. Proshred doesn't lock you with a contract. Which was, and still is, a big plus from our company. DELIVERY OF BIN/CONSOLE: After agreeing, Leon asked us the ideal container we would like have; we got the Executive Console. Delivery of console varies by area, which they accommodate at both your and their earliest convenience. We received ours 2-3 days after. Delivery personnel were very courteous and helped set-up the placement. Along with the console, comes a key.To allow the user to open the console if need be. Although I recommend checking the key if it is for the correct bin/console. They also gave us some complimentary Proshred coasters. PICK-UP SERVICE: After the explanation of services and agreement, Leon had us set-up for a scheduled pick-up date, catered to how frequent we may need to have our documents shredded. They shred your documents On-site. Again, granting our company the sense of security for our documents. A certificate is also given, Certificate of Destruction, to certify that the documents were destroyed. A receipt was later on e-mailed to us. OVERALL EPERIENCE: We are very satisfied with PROSHRED's services. We recommend PROSHRED to those who are still contemplating. BIG THUMBS-up.

- Sue A.

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