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PROSHRED® Chicago offers dedicated on-site hard drive destruction and memory unit destruction

Chicago’s Most Secure Hard Drive Destruction Service

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The security of electronic information is a top priority for all responsible businesses and web users. E-mails, documents, photos, and gigabytes of other private data are archived on your computer’s hard drive disk (or HDD). When a device is no longer in use, it is extremely important that the memory unit is completely destroyed so that its contents are never leaked.

Why is Hard Drive Shredding Important?

Hard drive shredding is the only way to ensure your information is protected against identity theft and data breaches.

Many users believe that hitting the delete button is enough to wipe clear their hard drive. Unfortunately, this misconception has resulted in thousands of cases of stolen data, financial records, and trade secrets. Skilled hackers can easily retrieve deleted information as long as the hard drive destruction is still functional. The only real defense is the device’s complete destruction once it has hit the end of its life cycle.

Dedicated On-Site Disposal

The PROSHRED® Chicago team specializes in hard drive & electronic device disposal. If your business has recently upgraded systems and now has old computers lying around, give us a call for HDD destruction & secured computer recycling. Our on-site mobile shredding truck will meet directly at the premises of your business and render the hard drive completely unusable. The hard drive never has to leave the “chain of custody” either – you can watch the entire destruction process unfold.

A Partner in E-Waste Recycling

Every year, thousands of hard drives, cell phones, and other devices have been irresponsibly tossed in the trash. Not only does this compromise your private data, but crude chemicals and materials are harmful to the environment. In fact, Illinois has sweeping rules governing the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste). PROSHRED® is devoted to proper e-waste recycling, so after your hard drive has been destroyed; the rest of the device is responsibly recycled.


Our PROSHRED® Chicago team has developed this great video to show you how the hard drive destruction process works. Enjoy!


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CUSTOMER SERVICE: PROSHRED Customer Service are very polite. At first call to set-up our services, we were given to Leon, who was more than exemplary in explaining how Proshred works. After describing the shredding process, We were guided step-by-step on how to avail their services. Everything were set-up in a customer-friendly manner. The assurance of privacy are conveyed even at the first exchange of information; granting our company security under their service. Proshred doesn't lock you with a contract. Which was, and still is, a big plus from our company. DELIVERY OF BIN/CONSOLE: After agreeing, Leon asked us the ideal container we would like have; we got the Executive Console. Delivery of console varies by area, which they accommodate at both your and their earliest convenience. We received ours 2-3 days after. Delivery personnel were very courteous and helped set-up the placement. Along with the console, comes a key.To allow the user to open the console if need be. Although I recommend checking the key if it is for the correct bin/console. They also gave us some complimentary Proshred coasters. PICK-UP SERVICE: After the explanation of services and agreement, Leon had us set-up for a scheduled pick-up date, catered to how frequent we may need to have our documents shredded. They shred your documents On-site. Again, granting our company the sense of security for our documents. A certificate is also given, Certificate of Destruction, to certify that the documents were destroyed. A receipt was later on e-mailed to us. OVERALL EPERIENCE: We are very satisfied with PROSHRED's services. We recommend PROSHRED to those who are still contemplating. BIG THUMBS-up.

- Sue A.

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