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June 30, 2016

How to Keep Old Medical Records Safe

Medical records are some of the most important documents than an individual or business can possess. They contain the most intimate details of a person’s life, and because of this medical records must be protected with the highest level of discretion possible. Individuals don’t want anyone to gain access to personal data that hasn’t been approved while a medical institution staff wants to secure clients’ privacy and protect their business from potential lawsuits resulting from data leaks.

If you’re wondering the best way to dispose of your medical records and to keep them safe from falling into the wrong hands, consider hiring a medical records destruction service.

Medical Records Destruction Service for Institutions

A medical records destruction service is valuable to medical institutions because of the complete service that they provide. One of the main obstacles in disposal of sensitive medical records centers around the logistics of transporting the records to a business or facility that will handle them discreetly. With the right medical records destruction service that provides on-site shredding of medical records using mobile shredding trucks, you can be sure that your patient’s medical records will be completely destroyed under your supervision at your business, meaning you never have to worry about any sensitive medical information being leaked during transport or processing.

In addition to shredding your medical institution’s private medical records, a medical records destruction service can also dispose of your old hard drives, which is the primary way that medical records are stored in the modern world. When dealing with medical records on hard drives, it is imperative to destroy them completely so that there is no possibility for data recovery. Hiring the right medical records destruction service will guarantee that your old hard drives are sufficiently destroyed so that you won’t have to worry about any data leaks, ensuring your patient’s privacy.

Services for Individuals

Individuals or smaller businesses can also value from employing a medical records destruction service, even if they don’t have as many paper records as a larger institution.  A medical records destruction service can often provide containers in which to store your medical records that are ready for destruction until a time that they can be picked up by the service or when you can deliver the records to a specific drop off location. Not only is this solution convenient and cost effective, but it also provides a level of security that is needed when dealing with private documents such as medical records. Whether you need a one-time service or a long term arrangement, there is a medical records destruction service to meet your needs.

Safety for Your Most Personal Records

When it comes to keeping medical records safe once they are no longer in use, the only sure way to protect their information is complete destruction. It doesn’t matter if these records are on a computer hard drive or paper; you must be positive that no private data is vulnerable. If you are worried about how to dispose of correctly, then it is time to hire a medical records destruction service like PROSHRED Chicago. We have a wide range of shredding services that fit the needs of individuals and institutions of all sizes and is the perfect way to keep old medical records from falling into the wrong hands.

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