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How To Protect From A Data Breach

Learn How Data Breaches Occur and How to Protect Yourself from Them

As the possibilities for security breaches grow and hacker’s abilities advance, business associations must adapt their cybersecurity to protect and keep their company from being at risk of leaking their confidential data.


What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is a leak of personal information such as intellectual property, health information, or social security numbers which have been viewed, stolen, or illegally retrieved by an unauthorized individual.


There are three ways for you to best protect your organization’s sensitive data before and after there’s a threat to your business security.


Data Breach Prevention

The first step to ensuring the security of your organization is to prevent a data breach by properly destroying your computer hard drives through on-site shredding services.


On-site shredding is the most secure way to destroy or recycle electronic data containing confidential information.


PROSHRED® of Chicago will shred every component of the drive before it ever leaves your possession, so that it doesn’t go through hands of anyone you haven’t pre-approved.


Computer hard drive destruction and elimination of other non-paper items is a necessary part of our security protection process.


PROSHRED® also provides product destruction services for items like logos, uniforms, and identification badges to set you up for guaranteed security.


Data Breach Detection

Detection is a vital part of the destruction process, where you, the manufacturer, will be provided with assurance that your paper and electronic products are not being sold or used illegally.


Our professional destruction methods will help eliminate the possibility of your confidential data ever being misused through the process of product destruction or paper shredding.


By implementing our method of detection your organization will be following the most effective strategy for making your organization difficult to exploit or damage by potential hackers.


We are a customized on-site pickup service that is dedicated to fulfilling your unique business needs in a helpful and cost-efficient way.


We offer all types of professional shredding services from scheduled shredding services, one-time shredding, walk-in shredding, electronic recycling, hard drive destruction, and product destruction.


How do I protect myself from a Data Breach?Data Breach Correction


PROSHRED® Chicago offers many correction services such as immediate paper shredding, hard drive destruction, and product elimination to re-establish the security of your organization.


You may also reach out to corrective controls which will help you mitigate the incident and bring your information back into your control.


Our company provides state of the art mobile shredding trucks which allow each customer to witness the product destruction to ensure that your uniforms or CDs are destroyed securely.


We even offer a certificate of destruction as proof that confidential materials have been destroyed and scanned images of serial number when available prior to their destruction.


How do Data Breaches Affect Businesses and Their Customers?


Data breaches can expose companies financially as well as create a lack of trust from the public.


Business customers that are victims of a data breach are vulnerable to identity theft.


This can cause all kinds of financial trouble, and can occasionally even have people arrested for crimes they didn’t commit.


Fixing the problems data breaches cause takes large amounts of time and creates numerous emotional stress.


Companies like Target, Yahoo, and Equifax are prime examples of public companies that have experienced data breaches in recent years.


An old wise tale says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Preventing a data breach is worth the time and money.


PROSHRED® is an information destruction service employing certified customer service professionals who respond promptly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.


We provide on-site shredding services that are easy, safe, and environmentally friendly.


Our mission is to protect your business from a data breach by providing our services which protect your electronic or physical information in the Chicago area.


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