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June 30, 2016

Reasons to Shred Your Hard Drive

In the digital age, most sensitive documents and records are no longer kept in physical forms. Instead, people’s most personal, essential records are stored on computers, and because of the rapidly evolving nature of technology, it is not uncommon for individuals and businesses to upgrade their computer systems with frequency.

However, this leaves the problem of what to do with the personal records stored on the old computer hard drives. You need to make sure that no sensitive data can be recovered from your old hard drives that are no longer in use, and shredding is one of the best ways to do this. Here are a few reasons why you should shred your hard drive, and why you should hire a professional hard drive shredding service to do it.

Data Wiping Software is Ineffective

A lot of times when people are disposing of their old computers and their hard drive—whether by selling them or throwing them away—they first use some sort of commercial data wiping software to erase any private information from the hard drive. Unfortunately, these wiping programs often don’t do a good enough job of removing your information, making it possible for someone with the know how to recover your documents from your old computer. When you shred a hard drive, however, there is absolutely no possibility for data recovery because the hard drive is completely destroyed. Even the most dedicated hacker or identity thief would have no way of stealing your information from a shredded hard drive.

Complete Destruction

Along the same lines of data wiping, a lot of people think that they can destroy a hard drive on their own and have that be enough to protect their data from any recovery attempts. For some people this may even be true, but for most people, they will not be able to destroy their hard drive to the extent that all the data is unrecoverable. The only way to make sure that your hard drive is completely destroyed (and is not a security risk) is to use a professional hard drive shredding service. Hard drive shredding services not only have the experience necessary to render your hard drive completely unusable, but they also have the equipment to do the job the right way.


Speaking of the right way, the equipment used by hard drive shredding services is industrial level strength, generally making them too expensive for the average consumer and even some businesses. When you use a hard drive shredding service to dispose of your old hard drives, the cost is much more affordable than if you had bought the shredder yourself. Hiring a hard drive shredding service is not only the effective choice, but it is also the affordable one.

The Best Hard Drive Shredding Services (H1 Tag)

Hard drives often contain our most sensitive documents, from medical records to financial statements. When you’re done using a hard drive, whether you have a new computer or the old one has broken, the best way to dispose of it and to keep your records safe is to hire a hard drive shredding service. PROSHRED Chicago offers effective hard drive shredding services to both individuals and businesses alike. We can perform on-site shredding, or you can drop off your items at our convenient location. To learn more about PROSHRED’s shredding services, including hard drives, please visit our website today.

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