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June 30, 2016

The Best Privacy Practices for Your Home Office

Thanks to the modern conveniences of computers and the internet, many people are choosing to work from home. Having a home office provides both the flexibility that many people crave along with not having to deal with the pressures that can come from working in a traditional office environment. Unfortunately, when many people set up a home office, they often overlook one of the most important aspects of a professional environment: privacy.

Protecting the privacy of your clients’ information, as well as your own, is no less important when you work out of a home office than it is when you work for a large company. Find out some of the best privacy practices for your home office that include hiring document shredding companies for home office shredding services.

Shred Sensitive Documents

One of the best practices for maintaining this privacy and security has to do with your paper documents. While you might not produce as much paper in your home office as a larger company, it doesn’t make those documents any less important, which is why you need to both properly store them and then shred them when they are no longer needed. Invest in a good filing cabinet that comes with a secure locking system, making sure you have the only key.

When it comes to time to shred all your old documents, you should hire a professional company that offers home office shredding services. A document shredding company can either pick up all your old documents, or you can deliver them to a walk-in location. In either case, your documents will be professionally shredded so that the information within them stays secure.

Destroy Old Hard Drives

Along the same lines as employing home office shredding services for your papers, you should consider using these same services to destroy your old hard drives that contain sensitive client information. If you work from home, it is likely that you store a lot of critical information on your computer, and if you upgrade your computer, or if it expires on you, then you need to properly dispose of it so that your private data cannot be recovered by bad actors.

The only way to ensure this is to completely destroy your hard drive, a service that is provided by most document shredding companies. Document shredding companies that provide home shredding services can take your old hard drives that contain private data and completely destroy them, making them unusable and eliminating the risk that your sensitive client information could potentially be recovered.

Choose the Right Home Office Shredding Services

Running a home office comes with its own unique challenges that many people may not be prepared for, and the number one issue that often gets pushed by the wayside is privacy. However, privacy, for both you and your customers, is vital to running your home office successfully. As we have seen, the best privacy practice for your home office is to hire a document shredding company to take care of your most important and private materials.

PROSHRED Chicago is a shredding company that is dedicated to providing the best shredding services, whether it’s a home office or a large company. We offer on-site shredding, convenient drop off locations and even pick-up for documents stored in our specialized containers. Visit our website to learn more about our shredding services, and consider PROSHRED Chicago to handle all of your home office shredding needs.

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