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July 27, 2016

Uniform and Product Destruction

Looking for a Uniform and Product Destruction Service in Chicago?

When it is time for a company or government agency to get rid of their old uniforms, it is important that they are disposed of appropriately. Many times, bad or outdated batches of product need to be destroyed for liability reasons. For example, police or security uniforms have to be handled with special care to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is important that you have a uniform destruction service that can safely take care of this for you. We even handle manufactured and proprietary items as well.

You Can’t Just Throw It Out

Simply throwing away these items is not always the best idea when it comes to properly destroying this type of product. Once it enters the trash and becomes part of the public domain, there is no telling who may come across it as it makes its way to the local landfill. In the worst case scenario, someone may use the uniform to pose as a policeman, leading to devastating consequences. For peace of mind and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt these products have been permanently destroyed, contact a professional uniform and product destruction company.

PROSHRED Chicago Offers Mobile Onsite Uniform and Product Destruction

PROSHRED Chicago is a product destruction company that wants to work for you. We are equipped to deal with anything that you need destroyed, from uniforms to computer hard drives, CDs and other media devices. With our mobile onsite shredding trucks, we can schedule an appointment and come to you so you never have to leave the comfort of your office. For more information, visit us online or call (708) 263-4292.

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