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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Shredding Service

If you have a business, you have documents containing data that need to be protected. When those papers start piling up, it can be difficult to decide exactly what the best method of disposal is. Should you simply throw them into the trash can, or should you shred them? If you have a considerable amount

What is a Purge Shredding Service?

What is a purge shredding service, and how does it work? PROSHRED® Kansas City is here with the answers you’ve been searching for. If you have a large warehouse or other space full of old, outdated documents you need to dispose of and are interested in learning more about a one-time purge cleanout, keep reading!

Tips For Work From Home Shredding

Are your employees among the many who are now working from home for perhaps the first time? If so, you may be facing some important new responsibilities, especially if your employees are handling secure business documents outside of the office. If a job involves producing business records, storing customer information, or handling other sensitive materials,

Hard Drive Destruction is a Critical Security Measure for any Business. Here’s Why.

With all of the information that exists online today, businesses can have a hard time maintaining security of their important data. Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks and malware detectors can keep your company safe from hackers, but there are unfortunately plenty of other ways your information could be at risk. Take your hard drives for example.

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