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Business Shredding

Nowadays, small businesses and corporations alike are afflicted by privacy legislation laws and have to take considerable actions in order to keep the security of confidential documents a priority. Businesses must also prevent easy access to these files and pieces of information from dangerous bystanders.

PROSHRED® Kansas City offers on-site document shredding services to ensure the safest and most efficient destruction services guaranteed. Environmentally and economically sound, PROSHRED® takes care of their clients and decreases the likelihood of an impending security breach.

Medical Record Shredding & Destruction

All healthcare practitioners can agree that a patient’s vital records are to remain secure. Proper destruction of past medical records protects patient information, guaranteeing their safety and security. Medical records contain highly private health and personal information. If the records were to land in the wrong hands, many people could be at stake. Proper paper destruction and disposal can ensure that all health-related data will be safely and securely taken care of. PROSHRED® Kansas City is who healthcare and medical companies trust with their records.

medical shredding
financial shredding

Financial Record Shredding

In the financial industry, some of the world’s most valuable and prestigious individual and corporate information is found. Although financial companies understand the importance of protecting this information, they can still improperly discard data that leads to a breach in security, causing the collapse of confidentiality for all clients. Proper disposal can be carried out by PROSHRED® Kansas City, and we can guarantee all information will be disposed of safely, ensuring your company’s safety.

Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction

In the legal industry, your clients are the very essence of your business, and their privacy should be your highest priority. PROSHRED® is a highly qualified legal document shredding company, and we can help your clients’ private information remain safe and secure. Call PROSHRED® Kansas City today!

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Home Office Shredding Services

With people no longer being tied down in the office, and people beginning to work elsewhere, private documents can easily be lost in daily travel. Keep your outdated information safe, no matter where it goes. Necessary disposal and destruction of outdated files safeguards your information. Securing business data inside and outside of the office with a paper shredding service is an important part of your company’s security program. Choose a home office shredding service today!

Residential Shredding Services

Identity theft is one of the most commonly committed crimes today. Without properly destroying and disposing your personal confidential documents you put yourself at a greater risk of having your identity stolen. PROSHRED® Kansas City offers safe and secure paper shredding services to guarantee that your identity remains in your own hands.

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