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February 16, 2018

Information Security Tips to Protect Your Business

We live in a world where it’s become more important than ever before to protect the security of your business’ sensitive information. Just watch the news on almost any given day and you’ll see a story about an information breach somewhere in the world. Hackers and data thieves make an unscrupulous living stealing the personal data of other people and profiting from their misery.

As a business owner you want to defend the private information of your company, staff and clients—it’s your responsibility in a moral and legal sense. Discover a number of important information security tips to protect your staff, clients and business from hackers, thieves and industrial espionage.

Know Your Sensitive Information
The first thing to do to keep your information safe is to know what sensitive information you have to protect. Know where this information lives and exactly what you use it for. If you’ve got customer credit card info, where do you keep it and how exactly is it used? Do you really need to have it handy or can it be destroyed?

Keep Sensitive Data Separate
Carefully separate your sensitive and private data from your general data. This makes it far easier to track what you need to dispose of and when the disposal needs to happen. Make sure that any sensitive data you have is subject to enhanced security. If it’s electronic, use the best encryption available. If it’s physical, keep it under lock and key with severely restricted access.

Conduct Background Checks
When you hire new staff, make sure you do a full background check on them. In addition, always check their references. While you can’t weed out every unscrupulous person, the more you do your homework on new hires, the better able you’ll be to protect your important and private information.

Keep Antivirus and Spyware Software Current
If you’re not using antivirus and spyware software, you need to remedy this immediately. Don’t choose the first free package you find, either. Get a high-tech and advanced package with many solid reviews. Keep these programs as up to date as possible. There’s no surefire way to protect against dedicated data thieves, but the better your software, the lower your chances of theft.

Use a Professional Shredding Service

There comes a time when you need to clear out your old private data. Never just throw it out or think you can just feed it into an office shredder and be done. Use a professional Kansas City shredding service to make sure that your data is completely protected and utterly destroyed. With a solid professional shredding service, you’ll have absolute confidence and peace of mind that nobody unauthorized is getting access to your files and that the information cannot be recovered by anyone, ever.

For the very best Kansas City information destruction services, including documents and hard drives, turn to the professionals at PROSHRED Kansas City. We are a world leader in what we do, and every office is locally owned and operated. We don’t just serve our community—we live and work here, too. Get in touch with us today by calling 913-327-8889 and we’ll work out a custom plan to protect all your information from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

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