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May 15, 2019

Why Paper Shredding Should be Included in Your Company’s Spring Cleaning

Paper shredding and spring cleaning are necessary to keep an organized environment whether at home or work. While at first glance the task seems easy, you truly don’t realize how messy or unorganized your office space is until you start cleaning.

Business Spring Cleaning: Tackling All the Paper

If you are a business owner or an office manager, your most time-consuming spring cleaning task will be going through any and all of the documents, records, files, and possibly even warehouses full of confidential papers. While you may be inclined to place these documents in boxes and head to the local recycling center, you should realize that without a paper shredding service, you’re putting your business at huge risk!

Any document that contains personal or business information should be professionally destroyed to ensure the privacy of the individual it belongs to. Recycling materials without first shredding or destroying them could result in security threats and data breaches, creating a loss of trust with the public and a damaged reputation.

Don’t get discouraged though! We are here to help you organize your company papers and professionally destroy the ones you no longer need.

Which Documents Should Your Businesses Destroy?

Whether you keep or destroy a document depends on the type of document and how old it is.

After 2-4 years, documents businesses should destroy include:

After 7 years, documents businesses should destroy include:

Are There Any Records or Files Your Business Should Keep?

When cleaning out your office, keep in mind there are several pieces of information you want to keep. These files include items such as:

Where to Shred Documents in Kansas City

If you’re looking for a local company that specializes in paper shredding and information destruction, choose PROSHRED® Kansas City. Our team of document destruction professionals can destroy unwanted files, records, and confidential papers at your facility in a fraction of the time you could shred them yourself.

Our state of the art shredding trucks include some of the most advanced shredding equipment in the industry! After your shredded materials are 100% destroyed, the confettied material will be taken to a nearby recycling facility.

Our company also offers product destruction, electronics waste recycling and hard drive destruction to assist you in all of the information destruction services you may need. We are here to help you not only with your spring cleaning, but your business security all year-long!

Schedule a Paper Shredding & Recycling Service Today!  Call 913-327-8889


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