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August 31, 2021

What is a Purge Shredding Service?

What is a purge shredding service, and how does it work? PROSHRED® Kansas City is here with the answers you’ve been searching for. If you have a large warehouse or other space full of old, outdated documents you need to dispose of and are interested in learning more about a one-time purge cleanout, keep reading!



How does purge shredding work?

The purge shredding services at PROSHRED® Kansas City are specially designed for projects both big and small. Whether you have a few old file boxes that are filled to the brim, or an entire warehouse of paperwork, we can help you safely and securely get rid of these documents.

When you call on our team for a purge shredding service, we will come to your location with our mobile shred trucks. We will take all of your old paperwork and destroy it with the high-speed shredding equipment that is built into our shred trucks. We also have plant-based shredding solutions for especially large shred jobs.



One-Time Purge Cleanouts vs. On-Going Scheduled Shredding

When it comes to paper shredding, you have a few options. If your business sees a steady amount of paperwork that needs to be disposed of on a regular basis, then a scheduled shredding service may be the better choice. With this program, the PROSHRED® Kansas City team will come to your location on a weekly or monthly basis and destroy your old documents via our state-of-the-art shred trucks that are parked right outside. This process can free up time and space on your end, as you don’t have to worry about getting rid of your old paperwork on your own.

If your business has a storage room or warehouse dedicated to old files, then a one time cleanout may be the service option that you need. This shredding process eliminates all of your old files in no time at all, and is a cost-effective way to get rid of those mountains of paperwork you’ve been trying not to think about.



Why Your Business Needs a One-Time Paper Shredding Service

There are plenty of reasons why your business can benefit from a one-time paper shredding service. We’ve listed three of them below:

1. You can get rid of a lot of paperwork in no time at all!
Your business will only sign on for a one-time paper shredding service if you have accumulated more paperwork than you can reasonably shred on your own. The amount of shredding materials you may have could end up being thousands of pounds of old documents that you no longer need. You probably don’t have to imagine how much space is being taken up by these files, as you’re already dealing with it.

A professional purge shredding service like PROSHRED® Kansas City can free you from your mountains of useless documents with our mobile shred trucks. The equipment in these vehicles can shred between 2,000-9,000 lbs of paper documents per hour, with a 10,000-lb cap. This means that our team can effectively clear out your old documents in minutes, depending on the amount that you need to get rid of.

2. It’s a secure way to shred.
Throwing all of your old files into the garbage may seem like an easy option, especially if you are struggling to find space for the documents that just seem to keep coming. But this practice should never be part of your business model, as it puts you at risk of a data breach or identity theft. If you don’t have your papers shredded to unrecoverable granules, then anyone can get their hands on these files and use the data displayed on them to damage your business.

What’s more, the shredding technicians at PROSHRED® Kansas City are all specially trained to handle your items with care. Your shredding materials are highly monitored throughout the shredding process, and our team works hard to ensure that you are not at risk when you put your files in our hands.

3. It’s good for the environment.
All of the items we shred are taken to a secure recycling facility, where these shredded remains are repurposed instead of being disposed of. If you are looking for ways to be more sustainable as a business, PROSHRED® Kansas City can help with our recycling practices. 100% of all of the materials we shred are recycled into other paper products. We keep you up to date on how you are helping the environment by working with our team with a TreeSaver Environmental Certificate at the end of the year, which displays the total amount of trees you’ve saved.


Get a Kansas City Purge Shredding Service Today!

PROSHRED® Kansas City is here to help your business save time, money, and space with our one-time purge shredding services. Call us today to learn more: 913-203-1115.

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