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June 14, 2021

Tips For Work From Home Shredding

Are your employees among the many who are now working from home for perhaps the first time? If so, you may be facing some important new responsibilities, especially if your employees are handling secure business documents outside of the office. If a job involves producing business records, storing customer information, or handling other sensitive materials, work from home shredding can help keep your business compliant with information protection laws and keep proprietary data protected.

When it comes to making the shift to remote work, one area which is often overlooked is how to handle confidential work materials at home. Your business can help ensure proper document handling with increased training and secure mobile home office shredding service from PROSHRED®.


Work From Home Increases Security Risks

Any confidential information handled by remote employees outside of a secured workplace is at a higher risk of being compromised. When working from home offices, fraud, phishing, and corporate espionage are all potentially much more likely. From unsecured Wi-Fi networks to improperly discarded documents in a curbside trash can, the risk of a security breach increases dramatically. Additionally, documents and files are at higher risk of being lost, misplaced, or damaged. Creative children, a spilled coffee cup, or a messy filing system are all within the realm of expectation.

Train Employees to Handle Documents at Home

Secure document storage and destruction at home may require additional training procedures for employees. PROSHRED® recommends that all employees be instructed on the safe handling of confidential data while working remotely and given the tools to ensure office confidentiality from home. In addition to being supplied with the proper tools for secure document storage, it is important that employees are informed on the best practices for maintaining document security.

Employees should be advised to protect all digital and paper documents, as well as all work devices and hard drives. For example, all sensitive information should be locked away, then promptly shredded when no longer needed. Old hard drives should also be disposed of properly using a hard drive destruction service. Employees should not share devices or passwords with friends or family, and when transmitting confidential data, should never use public Wi-Fi. Finally, develop a notification process so employees know what to do and who to call in the event of a data breach while working remotely.

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How To Handle Work Papers At Home

While working outside of the office, it’s important to maintain responsibility for the safety of any records in your care.

  • Set up a good system to keep business records well-organized and separate from any personal records. Keep all loose papers filed and maintained in labeled folders. This will help prevent items from being mixed up or misplaced. Keep work areas clean and clutter-free to prevent accidental spills.
  • Store files and folders in a drawer, cabinet, or other safe spot, preferably secured with a lock. When leaving your remote work area, check to make sure no files or folders are left out. Do not leave papers or files unattended, even in your home. All sensitive materials should be secured when they’re not being monitored.
  • Minimize the need for storing paper documents by scanning and saving them on a secure server with scanning services. As in the traditional workplace, it’s best to hold on to documents only for as long as is absolutely necessary. All documents should be shredded securely once they are no longer needed. Do not throw business documents in residential trash cans or recycling bins.

Home Office Paper Shredding

When your documents retention period is up, it’s time to call for a shred service! With PROSHRED® Kansas City, home office shredding services are available as needed or on a scheduled basis. Our drivers arrive at your doorstep and load all items into our secure shutting trucks, where they’re securely destroyed while you watch. A certificate of destruction is provided to maintain records of compliance and satisfy the needs of any regulatory agencies or departments.



Work From Home Shredding Solutions

PROSHRED® Kansas City offers convenient and affordable paper shredding solutions to ensure all sensitive material is confidently shredded and recycled. Employees spend minimal time sorting material because we promote a total shred policy, in which all generated documents are shredded when they are no longer needed. We go above and beyond to ensure you and your company are protected: Contact us today to learn more about work from home shredding solutions from PROSHRED®! 1-913-327-8889

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