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One-Time Shredding


Let us come to your business or home for a single clean-out of unwanted documents and papers. Our shredding truck will park right outside so you can watch the shredding process.


Paper Shredding


If your small office shredder is not cutting it, let our shredding trucks do all of the work for you. We have perfected the paper shredding process so that our clients can save money and feel completely confident that their information will not be compromised.


On-going Shredding


Have your documents destroyed every day, week, or month without having to call ahead. This service is very popular with mid to large size businesses that have a large paper output.


Hard Drive Shredding


Completely destroy hard drives with our shredders. This is the only way to delete all data that you have stored on a digital device. Our hard drive shredding service is 100% guaranteed.


PROSHRED®    Norfolk – Document Shredding Service

Here at PROSHRED® Norfolk, we provide professional shredding services for all of your shredding needs. If your company needs to shred documents, hard drives, uniforms, data tapes, or any other confidential item, then we can do this for you.

We are a veteran owned business and we take confidentiality and information security very seriously. All of our shredding professionals are highly qualified.

Give us a call at 757-821-2940 for any questions about our shredding services or complete the form to the right for a free estimate.

Dedicated On-Site Service

PROSHRED®   has been a leading company in the professional shredding industry for 30 years. Allow us to use our expertise to completely destroy all of your company’s unwanted documents and other items with our shredding trucks.

Residential Shredding

We provide excellent shredding services for residential buildings in Norfolk Virginia. We can come to your home and provide document shredding services, hard drive shredding services, etc.

Community Shred Events

PROSHRED® Norfolk provides professional shredding for many different types of community events. These events include: sporting events, school events, and park events. Our shredding trucks can travel to events all around Norfolk, Virginia.


Brochure that explains each Proshred bin, console, and container
Brochure explaining the benefits of Proshred's On-Site Shredding Service
Brochure explaining why Proshred is different from it's competitors

PROSHRED® Norfolk Shredding Trucks

Our shredding trucks are top-of-the-line and represent the industry standard for safe and secure document shredding, hard drive shredding, etc.

PROSHRED® Norfolk Shredding Bins

Our bins provide secure storage for your documents before we pick them up for shredding. This helps to protect your confidential information before it is destroyed in our shredding trucks.

Privacy Legislature

According to both state and federal law, all businesses must properly dispose of confidential information. If your business is not currently complying with these laws, then it could be the perfect time to set up a shredding appointment with PROSHRED® Norfolk.


We are one of the most experienced on-site document destruction companies in the world, the first true on-site paper shredding company, and a continued leader and pioneer in the industry. PROSHRED® is also the first of all mobile shredding companies to meet the rigorous standards of the International Organization for Standardization and earn ISO 9001 certification.


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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

A service business is all about the people. At PROSHED I found nice, friendly, helpful people. Service was quick and easy, just as advertised. Tell Linda, Joel said to call!

- Joel Thigpen

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