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Differences between Offsite and Onsite Shredding Services

The Difference Between Offsite and Onsite Shredding Service Benefits for Your Company   When it comes to upholding company safety and defending against identity theft, disposing of records properly is of the utmost importance. File-shredding is the most common approach to secure record destruction and due to the popularity, there is a huge market of file-shredding

Top Fall Cleaning Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Fall Cleaning –  Avoiding Holiday Identity Theft You’re on the lookout for phishing emails, you’ve set up two-step authentication for your accounts, and you’re using unique passwords that could not be guessed in a million years. You’re one of the most conscious and safe internet participants that you know. With information breaches always on the

Strategies for Fraud Protection in the Workplace

Ways to Mitigate Risk of Fraud Many businesses are affected by corporate fraud that can easily be prevented. Most common types of fraud include theft of physical assets, vendor, and supply or procurement fraud followed by information theft fraud. According to Kroll’s Global Fraud Report, vulnerabilities are on the rise. 75% of the 768 companies

Top Reasons a Paper Shredding Service is Necessary

Shredding Service Can Help Keep You Secure We live in a world where information security is more important than ever and breaches are on the rise. One of the top reasons for a breach is information not being disposed properly. We list some of the top reasons why hiring a professional shredding service is worth

5 Cyber Security Threats of 2017 You Should Be Aware Of

Tips on How PROSHRED® Can Help Keep You Safe Cyber-crime is an industry that has seen tremendous growth, and with that tremendous loss to companies and individuals that fall victim to these crimes. Understanding the threat and taking measures to protect your information are the first steps to staying secure. The PROSHRED® Charlotte team is here to provide you

Choose Shredding over Recycling for Sensitive Information

Shredding and Identity Theft Protection   Successful businesses in today’s digital age understand the importance of confidentiality. If you’re serious about protecting the safety and privacy of your team members and customers, professional shredding service can open you up to a world of convenience, ease and comfort. It can lessen liability for your business and

How To Prevent Identity Theft | Tax Season & Beyond

Stay Protected From Identity Thieves During Tax Season and Beyond Identity theft is among the fastest-growing crimes across America with millions of people affected every year. One out of every four residents in Charlotte, North Carolina, may expect to become a victim of this crime. When a thief steals your identity, it can destroy your

Professional Shredding Services Help Protect Local Businesses

If you want to maintain a trusted and reliable business, professional on-site shredding services may be exactly what you need. PROSHRED® Charlotte is a reputable local business that offers the finest on-site shredding services in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We happily cater to the shredding needs of businesses of all sizes. Charlotte businesses should

Protect Your Charlotte Business With Secure Shredding

Identity theft has become a major concern for Charlotte businesses, and an office security breach is no laughing matter. According to a 2016 report from the Identity Theft Research Center, more than 470 office security breaches have been reported between January 1st and June 14th, affecting the sensitive private records of over 12 million people

Document Destruction Laws | When And What To Shred

Learn What to Shred in Charlotte Every year, millions of people are affected by identity theft. Both businesses and individuals are targets. Small businesses that have close connections to individuals are especially at risk. The more steps that are added to protect identity, the more creative the criminals are becoming. For example, the EMV microchips

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