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January 18, 2018

Costs of Information Security in Northern Virginia

Why Businesses are turning to Shredding Services

Modern businesses produce a huge amount of data, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The production of business documents can be good because the information can allow managers to refine the company’s business practices. This could also turn into a huge security liability. A lot of business data is confidential, so companies cannot simply throw out documents when they are no longer necessary. Proper disposal of confidential information is important, but most businesses lack the ability to handle this large task on their own. Businesses can solve this problem by calling in specialized shredding services such as PROSHRED® Northern Virginia which offer many advantages over handling the document disposal in-house. Below are a few reasons why choosing PROSHRED® as your information disposal company is the smart business choice.


Security concerns are the driving force behind most efforts to shred documents. In most cases, identity theft is the biggest concern. A criminal who has access to personal documents that have not been destroyed properly can go through them to harvest information about the business, which is often enough to get access to bank accounts and other resources. In many cases, the criminals can also get access to personal information that belongs to the people who have done business with the company in the past. Even a small business can cause problems for dozens of customers if it doesn’t handle its documents correctly, and the resulting scandal can be enough to ruin a company’s reputation.

PROSHRED® Northern Virginia’s shredding services will destroy the documents so thoroughly that criminals cannot reconstruct them. That is more challenging that it sounds, since a dedicated worker can often reconstruct a document that has been destroyed by an amateur. Relying on amateurs can also lead to documents getting lost or overlooked, which is another potential security breach. It’s worth calling a professional document destruction provider to avoid taking any risks.


It can take a surprisingly long time to destroy records. Most companies can only afford small, personal shredders. They work slowly and require an employee to spend hours feeding them new documents. They are also prone to malfunctions and require expensive maintenance if they are going to see heavy use. A professional paper shredding service such as PROSHRED® Northern Virginia has better tools at its disposal, so we can do the job faster and at a lower cost.

Environmental Concerns

Going green is a forward-thinking goal, and most managers will try to avoid harming the environment whenever they can. Landfills are a major environmental problem, and it’s easy to take up a lot of space in them by simply throwing old documents away. A good shredding service will take steps to recycle all of the documents after they destroy them, which helps to solve that problem.

Saving Space

The alternative to getting rid of documents is simply storing them, but that is usually a losing proposition. The company still needs to pay rent on all of the storage space, so they usually lose money if they hoard too many papers. It also causes clutter that makes it hard for employees to sort out the new, important documents from the old ones, so it cuts down on worker efficiency. That means that businesses often get help from a shredding service so that they can get organized and make their records easier to handle.

Request a free quote from PROSHRED® Northern Virginia today and add a level of security that will help ensure your Northern Virginia (NoVA) business is protected from the risk of compromised data. Fill out our free quote form above or call our Northern Virginia office and speak with a secure shredding specialist today.

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