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February 21, 2018

Fairfax County Shredding: Secure Your Information

Tips When Seeking Shredding Services in Fairfax County


How valuable is the reputation of your business? If important financial paper documents are stolen from the discarded trash or recycling, it could damage both reputation and the future financial well-being of a business. Learn why businesses are and should seek professional Fairfax County shredding services in Northern Virginia.


Financial Information Security

Security measures such as locks on business doors, gates around your building and security guards to protect a physical facility are all proactive measures to ensure your information is not compromised. But, do you have the best paper document security policies and practices in place?


Financial Documents Store Valuable Information

These documents which are often paper, include, but are not limited to bank accounts, tax records, customer credit card information, expense reports, invoices and business secrets. On the one hand, you want to keep valuable customer information, such as addresses, emails and credit card information for the sake of marketing and customer service. But, on the other hand, what would you do if that information were stolen?

The Wall Street Journal calculated that identity theft cost businesses nearly $48 billion per year. All it takes is one mishap to ruin the reputation of your business. Victims might file numerous lawsuits and wonder if they could trust your business, ever again along with potential negative press.


Outsourcing Paper Shredding

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires businesses to hold certain back tax records for a determined period of time. When this time expires, look to hire PROSHRED® Northern Virginia to destroy old documents in a secure and environmentally conscious manner.

Discarding these documents in the garbage, provide thieves with the opportunity to obtain a gold mine of valuable information. You are trusted to protect these important financial paper documents and the data contained therein. Businesses seek Fairfax County shredding services and hire PROSHRED® Northern Virginia for the following reasons:

There are also cases of corporate espionage. If your competitors steal your copyrights, trademarks and patents, they could undercut your markets. Competitors could steal your business secrets today and steal your customers tomorrow with improper paper document disposal. We securely destroy all of the information on your paperwork.


Eco-Friendly Paper Shredding

Even when you shred the paper in your office or your home, it is still in your facility. That is why hiring professional paper shredding services is so wise. We shred and remove it, so you have more space in your file cabinets, storage in the office, and a secure manner in which is it professionally disposed of.

To put your mind at ease, knowing your information in securely destroyed, seek Fairfax County shredding services professional local company, PROSHRED® Northern Virginia. PROSHRED® Northern Virginia is capable of convenient and time efficient methods of handling most Fairfax County shredding service needs. From large enterprise companies to in your own home office, allow us dispose of your documents in an eco-friendly manner. We can visit your premises regularly as well, if you wish.

We, at PROSHRED® Northern Virginia are your professional Fairfax County shredding partners. We help you satisfy your needs for information security, paper document disposal and environmentally friendly compliance. We look forward to you giving us a call to discuss your needs for Fairfax County shredding services.

Request a free quote from PROSHRED® Northern Virginia today and add a level of security that will help ensure your Northern Virginia business is protected from the risk of compromised data. Fill out our free quote form above or call our Northern Virginia office and speak with a secure shredding specialist today.


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