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Document Destruction near Me

Document Destruction in Albany, NY   One might be surprised to learn there are still company managers who believe that shredding their documents before disposal is unnecessary. “Is anyone really going to rifle through a small   business’ trash to see if they can find some scrap of paper with an account number on it?” they

Top Benefits of Document Shredding

Document Shredding in Albany, NY   In today’s identity theft and data breach world, the importance of document shredding in Albany, NY cannot be overemphasized. Identity theft can happen with an individual or a company. Whether the documents involved are credit card statements or completed contracts, having this information openly displayed, or in an unlocked

3 Must Haves for Secure Shredding in Albany

Simple Secure Shredding   Many businesses invest heavily in IT security. Business owners understand the importance of protecting online files, email during transmission and chat logs. Curiously, however, many employers don’t consider the genuine risk of hardcopy documents getting into the wrong hands. This is where secure shredding with PROSHRED® Albany comes into play! Poor document

Secure Your Personal Information – How to Clean a Laptop Before Leaving a Job

Tips to Secure Your Personal Information –  Don’t Leave Your Information Behind Do you have an employee who is leaving the company for a new opportunity? Are you providing a new laptop to an employee? Are you an employee leaving for a great opportunity? (yay relocation to San Diego!) Any which way, there should be

Don’t Ever Leave a Shredding Services Appointment Without Receiving One of These…

Don’t Ever Leave a Shredding Services Appointment Without Receiving One of These.. From our perspective, providing shredding shredding requires a lot of trust between the customer and the provider. Dealing with one’s sensitive information is no light task, and ensuring that information will stay confidential is critical. Our Albany shredding services team understands the importance of

Professional Document Shredding & Your Legal Obligations

You might have never considered the idea of using a professional document shredding service before. One thing to keep in mind however, is that professional document destruction services actually help keep your Albany business or operation in check with the law. In the United States there is much legislation involving the destruction and disposal of

3 Reasons to Use Onsite Shredding

The Importance of Secure Document Destruction

Prepare Yourself for Spring Cleaning Using PROSHRED® Albany’s Document Destruction Spring cleaning – It’s that time of year! As the end of tax season looms, and your office is looking like a mess, this is a sure sign that it’s time to spring clean your office. Keeping confidential and sensitive information secure is essential for

The Importance Behind Professional Hard Drive Destruction

When it’s time for your organization to  dispose of old hard drives, it’s crucial that you are making every effort to avoid a data breach and/or information theft. While you may be tempted to take this task on internally, in doing so you may run many risks. – Unless your hard drives are properly destroyed

Why a Recycling Bin Isn’t Enough

Every Albany office has at least one recycling container in the lunch room, beside the print area, or under-the-desk bins for each desk. The issue? In too many circumstances, they are used to collect more than just cans, bottles, and plastic. why a recycling bin isn’t enough

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