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The privacy of your family’s health records and financial data is worth big money in the hands of identity thieves. Protecting this information is a priority for millions of America, but there are still a growing number of identity theft cases each year.

For Indianapolis residents, document security is two-fold: (1) information must be kept physically secure and (2) completely destroyed prior to disposal. The PROSHRED team can provide a document security plan that accomplishes both of these needs.

  1. At PROSHRED, we offer a sophisticated line of document disposal bins. From 96-gallons containers to simple desk-side receptacles, our security containers allow only one-way document disposal. Once they’ve been dumped in, they cannot be retrieved without a special key. These containers will also help your family get in the habit of responsible document security; when an important document is no longer needed, drop it in the secure PROSRHED security container.
  2. We offer a variety of nationally certified shredding services to our Indianapolis clients. The most convenient and affordable for small-scale document shredding is our drop-off service. Simply stop by our convenient Indianapolis, IN location with your confidential documents and we will quickly and efficiently dispose of your paperwork. Call ahead at 1-317-578-3650 to schedule a time to drop off your documents for shredding.

Residential Information Security Containers (RISC’s) are also one of PROSHRED’s most popular items. These boxes are loaded with important information about document disposal and serve as a central repository for unneeded paperwork in your home. The PROSHRED Indianapolis office will always have RISC boxes hand for residential clients.

Our team recognizes that our community is an environmentally conscious one and as a member of the Indianapolis family, we pledge to recycle 100% of all shredded paper material. Our lasting partnership with public waste management facilities has helped us save thousands of trees over the past 30 years.

Check our Indianapolis calendar for community PROSHRED events in your area or stop by our office or more information about document shredding.

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Customer service is excellent. I emailed via the website, received a automatically generated email within five minutes informing me that someone would contact me soon. I went on break for ten minutes, came back, and had a voicemail from Ken. My office had it's shred bin within 18 hours of my email, now we are on our way to cleaning up and out of a lot of unnecessary documents. Thanks a bunch Ken!!

- Howard W.

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